Soul Evolution

“The ocean of our Soul is vast and limitless. The emotions we experience are reflections of this. Emotions can sweep through us, more powerful in intensity than we imagined ourselves capable of containing. For example, when we celebrate the birth of a child, our heart can swell with more love than we knew we were capable of, reaching out to encompass and celebrate the new being. Yet at the birth of another child, the vastness of this love expands even more, our perception of all of the love we are carrying within us growing again. What we are able to perceive grows as a reflection of our willingness to similarly experience emotions such as compassion, joy and love. To acknowledge that these emotions move in wave-like patterns — to sit in stillness, or run in a passion, to express and experience them, and then allow them to peacefully transform and pass beyond our being — this is a kind of evolution. Our hearts are beautiful.”

Excerpt From: Kamia Shepherd. “Soul Evolution.” iBooks.

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on September 22, 2016

“Soul Evolution not only inspired but shifted my way of living life. The book is life expanding and helps you see your life as a precious and incredible journey. I really enjoyed the integration of spiritual principles from different traditions. I continually read excerpts from the book for inspiration and keeping me on intention.”

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“Soul Evolution is a book for optimists. It is a book for everyone who believes in the Divine in any and every form. It is for anyone who faces our collective present and future with hope and belief in the limitless possibility for Greater Good that simply being alive has already empowered us with. With tenderness, wisdom, fierce faith and humor, Kamia Shepherd offers access to the Divine Consciousness both within and without through insightful narrative, meaningful anecdotes and powerful prayers. Informed by Angels and Ascended Masters, guided by Light and written with Love, Soul Evolution takes readers down a path of transformation, transcendence and connection. In doing so, this book defies every cultural narrative that reduces our human potential, homogenizes our uniqueness and stifles our Spirit. This profoundly exciting book will enliven readers with renewed purpose and love for Life. Soul Evolution will assist readers in (re-)discovering their Soul Path and provide the prayers and support to walk it.”

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