Transforming Ourselves

“How many times do we have to talk about something that is upsetting us?” A beautiful friend asked me this morning.

“As many times as it takes before we are ready to change something in ourselves, and the situation.  We will then either move forward, or change direction completely.  It takes as many times as you need it to take, before the exact moment when you realizes, you have transformed.” I answered. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. It is a really good question.

Transformation requires lots of prep time, lots of waiting, thinking, pondering, deciding, comparing and option time.  It takes just the right amount of time for your own beautiful moment of self-alchemy.  You will not always recognizes your journey towards transformation, but you will one day look back and realize, “Yes, this is where I changed.”

Spread your wings, accept a hug, talk about something that upsets you one more time.  Any moment now you will realize you have sprouted wings, and are about to soar.


with light,


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Being Free from Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is a skill that can benefit from some fine tuning on the etheric plane as well as emotionally. To stimulate a balancing of all of our ‘bodies’, begin with the physical, through balancing the third and fourth chakra’s.  Most people will experience disappointment as a feeling in their stomach, or in relationships, at their heart center.  A heaviness or pressure in either of these regions can lead to further feelings of self doubt, lethargy, and fluctuations in appetite. Bending forward in a forward bend, seated or standing helps to release from the stomach.  Spreading your shoulders wide to the sky and tilting your head very gently back, opens and clears at your heart center.


The steps to fully alleviating these feelings, are to at first acknowledge them with Love.  Of course, the lottery ticket that didn’t win, the relationship that was painful, the job  promotion or offer that didn’t come was disappointing.  Most importantly, those disappointments are in no way a reflection of your worthiness, beauty, or soul purpose.  They are experiences on the human plane that come with having signed on for your present incarnation as a person.

Acknowledge that you are disappointed, yet simultaneously take the time to allow and ask for help from your guardian angels, helpers, guides, ascended masters and god-force, also aids in washing away, so to speak, the energy from your heart and stomach. Your third chakra, for example, corresponds with your personal feelings of Power.  It is the driving force that allows you to be assertive, physically strong, shielded from lower energies, and positive in life affirming action.  When you apply for a dream job, one you don’t think you may get, and you don’t get it, you are disappointed. You have also, however, just sent out an energy beam to the universe saying you are starting to realize you deserve a happier, more fulfilling position than you believed previously.  This message is loud and vibrant.  It is like an energetic shooting star that gets brighter with your continued confidence in yourself.  To allow the disappointment of an initial try to dim that light is counterproductive to your overall well being and success.  Look at the situation that has disappointed you, then allow yourself to release it, and say affirmatively from a place of your own centered power at your stomach, “I create space for greater happiness and abundance in opportunity, awareness, and love.”

Each of us has a negative personal mantra chorus we carry around that blocks our abilities to manifest, and your angels and guides sincerely want you to change that mantra to a positive one.  Absolutely, on every level they want you to be vibrating at your highest potential for energy, abundance, prosperity, love and personal truth.  If you wish to identify the negative mantra, take a moment to follow the pathways of your thoughts when you experience disappointment.  What is the first response in thought you have?  Is it, “I knew I couldn’t get another job.” or “I’m not worthy of love,” or even “I’ll never change.”  Widen your awareness and ‘feel’ where these thoughts are experienced in your body, most often it will be at your stomach or heart.

To change these affirmations to ones radiating light, take out the negative and replace it with a ultra-positive. “I am absolutely deserving of love,” “I excel and enjoy my career, I find creative solutions and opportunities everywhere I look,” or “Every day I am growing and learning along my joyous soul path.”  The difference in feeling, on the emotional, physical and spiritual plane will be almost instantaneous.

To remove the last traces of disappointment energetically, consider seeking a session with a light worker, this could be a book from the library, a massage, reiki, or an angel card session.  Your thoughts are alchemical, you have the ultimate power to transmute fear into gold, but sometimes, even the most balanced, grounded, independent person can use some help.  Asking for help is another lesson in dealing with disappointment, and there is no shame in it, rather the opposite.  The angels applaud your desire to reach out and have light reflected to you through friendships, relationships or services.


May your day be free of disappointments, yet if they come, may they not control you.  Be rich in your self praise and personal journey of exploring the new avenues that are unfolding.

with Light,


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A Warrior’s Breath

I had a spiritual teacher who once suggested we listen to our voices, take note and then take four deep powerful breathes and listen to the same words once more. When I try this exercise I am astonished by how much deeper my voice sounds after the larger breathes.  It is as if, the space in my body, the expansion of my lungs, has released a more powerful version of who I am, and allowed my actual voice to speak my truth.

Sometimes in western culture, we forget to really Breathe.  Our physical bodies need oxygen to function, but our etheric bodies, our emotional and mental ones as well, are all deeply connected to our Breath. In a state of anxiety or panic, people often take short, shallow, and rapid breathes.  In deepest relaxation, the gentle rise and fall of their diaphragms is like the deep rolling waves of the ocean.  To breathe with intention for ones greatest sense of well being and balance, is to remember, that no matter how overwhelming life may seem, there is always enough time to Breathe.   In the spirit of encouraging you to speak your truth, with confidence and power, I am delighted to share  a breathing technique with you.

The Three Part Belly Breath is an introduction to deeper breathing.  It can be done at any time, anywhere, while sitting, walking or laying on your back.  My favorite variation is with a combination of yogic instruction and ‘energy awareness’.

*First interlace your fingers, and place your palms across your stomach.  By interlacing your fingers, palms facing down, you have just blocked all other energy beyond your own personal resonance from your aura.  Enjoy this sensation and take a few normal breaths while you ground into an awareness of your physical body and self.

*Next close your eyes and visualize the pathway your inhale follows, attribute a color that resonates with you to the air, such as soft gold, or healing green, strong blue, or loving pink.  Notice how the breath flows through your navel cavities and down your throat expanding your lungs.  On your next breath, imagine the color flowing deeper, expanding your belly, and pressing outwards at your palms. Your exhalation follows the same path, up from your stomach, resonating through your lungs, up through your throat and out through your nostrils.

*It may take two or three inhalations before you are able to draw the breath all the way into your belly.  Note the feeling of space and expansion as your throat, heart center, and stomach all begin to create greater space for breathe.

*When you feel that the air is saturating your being, a slight dizziness may temporarily occur, at which point it is best to be sitting.  Take another eight breaths.  When you are ready to open your eyes, it is a good time to chant a mantra, of your own making, a personal affirmation, a prayer, or a spontaneous sound of joy or release.

*Unlacing your fingers, gently place your palms face down, if you would like to feel a greater sense of grounding, or hold them face up, if you wish to receive energy from the universe, your higher self or angels.

Most importantly, return to this deeper breathing throughout the day, when commuting, working, sitting quietly and contemplating life, or in the moments before sleep, give yourself the gift of deeper breathing.

Be loud in your breath, like the wind moving through the trees, be powerful in your fueling of your body and Self, and carry that energy into your waking life as the prana-fuel for your expression of your own unique gifts and truth.

with joy, Kamia


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Even the Clouds like Hearts on Valentines Day

Valentines day has always been my favorite day of the year.  It’s a combination of a day dedicated to heart shaped decor, and my unabashed desire to tell people I love and appreciate them.  Single, attached, or married, this day dawns with a special rose filled ambience that has me seeing flashes of the divine feminine; Mary holding roses at her breasts, Kuan Yin rising from a lotus, Lakshmi showering people’s upturned faces in gold, Spider Woman weaving a web of light to enfold us all, and Aphrodite surrounded by pearls of wisdom, the sea foam eternally cleansing the old energy away so that there can be greater space for LoveImage.

No matter who you are, or what your circumstance, there is a horde of angels raining soft colors of light about you every single day. You may not trust that they are there, but I assure you, they are!  Every minute of every day, they are whispering, and sometimes shouting, “Hey!! You are loved!!”

Whether you are a Valentines skeptic, or a giant fan, such as myself, today is about seeing the beauty and worthiness of love within you, and if you so choose, the sharing of that love with the world at large.

Be bold, be spiritually beautiful! Smell the flowers that abound on this day, and definitely eat a box of your favorite chocolates. I’ll be doing all of those things, and shouting out energetically, that there is Divine Love around, and for you all!

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Joy and Forgiving the Self

Many long years ago, I had a past partner tell me that the reason he loved me was because I was so good at forgiving. I was very surprised by this comment  yet over the years his words inspired me to consider all angles of forgiveness.  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Ultimately, the forgiveness I have found to be the greatest of teachers, has been the ‘Forgiveness of Self’. This I can speak of with confidence, for it has only been while forgiving the self that I have witnessed the greatest transformations in both my own, and other peoples lives.

In friendships, working relationships, money choices, romantic partners, and other human interactions, it is amazing the level of grief people will carry around between their shoulder blades, and at their heart center, for all of their perceived ‘faults’ and mistakes.  Sadly, the self flagellation of ‘should have known better’ causes a rift in ones auric and emotional body that takes much longer to heal than physical injury.

If a person takes a chance on loving another in some capacity, or trusting an employer or friend, and a few years or months or days into it, is betrayed or disappointed, the most damage to their energy field that the scenario inflicts is from their own beliefs that they ‘should have known better.’ Perhaps they will acknowledge an instinctive, or intuitive voice that whispered to them to try something else.  Acknowledging this voice is excellent, imagining an internal hug from ones angels and guides and a promise to try and perceive the same kinds of messages in the future, is also a testament to growth.  Most importantly, however, above both of the other realizations, is taking a moment to envision the painful scenario, and surrounding the self with soft pink light; a shield so to speak of angelic assistance, or dark blue, if the situation continues to make one feel unsafe, at which point calling on Archangel Michael for protection is important.  This soft light begins the healing of self, and ultimately the release of all energetic attachments, chords, and lines that block the Self from growing.  A positive affirmation such as “I forgive myself, I acknowledge my growth and healing from this situation/scenario, I ask for the angels, universal consciousness and my own helpers and guides to help me release all lower vibrations related to this scenario, so that I may move with greater Love upon my own unique soul path.”

At this time, remember to breathe deeply and allow for at least fifteen minutes of rest to harmonize the healing on each level of your awareness.

Forgiveness of the self for perceived wrongs will create more space in the self and being for happiness and wholeness.  Life is fraught with lessons that in retrospect we may ‘think’ we could have avoided. Yet the knowledge we gained is what allows us to ‘think’ that way at all.  Moving along a path devoted to growth and expansion, it is important to love all aspects of the Self, even the ones from younger less experienced versions.

When I forgive myself, I have a larger heart-light to shine towards others, to encourage them along their own soul paths, to feel grateful for the lessons we learned together, and hope that they ultimately find joy. Some days, these prayers and feelings are easier than others, yet I can feel my guides laughing beside me, and they say assuringly, ‘After all, you are human.  Take a moment to lighten your mood and laugh, and forgive yourself your perceived imperfections, perhaps in this soul path you have chosen, they are, and will continue to be, your greatest teachers.”


With Love and blessings,


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