Be Courageous, and Grow.

Courage can sometimes manifest as our willingness to deal with, in a new way, a situation, pattern or concern that has occurred in our lives. Regardless of how long we have experienced a pattern, situation, relationship dynamic, or challenge, it is with a connection to our personal power and truth, that we use Courage and are able to alter our experience.

We are all beautiful unfolding beings, regardless of the stage of expansion we are each experiencing. For example, we may find that a relationship or interaction leaves us with a feeling of ‘dis-ease’ in the sense that we ‘felt’ our boundaries of self were not fully respected. This can be a result of our inability to firmly express our need for particular boundaries, as well as by coming to a spontaneous realization that what is best for our own personal and optimum health, has in fact changed This change, this desire to invest in a personal wellness, balance and sense of wholeness, is a natural occurrence in each individuals journey of transformation and growth.

It is natural to have felt comfortable in a manner of living, a way of thinking, and being, and find that through self analysis, an expansion of awareness, or time, that they desire to alter ones experience has manifested. The impetus to transform, the moment of realization that leads to the inevitable growth like another petal of a flower opening, draws us each closer to the soul path we have chosen to walk. We may not see every day, and through each instance of growth and transformation, where we are ultimately heading. The power of our free will, to make choices daily, directs us in a helix pattern towards and around our ‘core self’. We are each capable of seeing the world from a new perspective, as we continue on the spiral dance of life. From seeing ourselves with a heightened awareness of potential for joy and empowerment, and through these ‘new views’ we become something greater than we have allowed ourselves to believe we truly are.


Each human can choose to evolve cosmically, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. And with these choices, support and empower others to also open and grow. When we find the personal courage, in any instance, to speak from our place of ‘truth’ to acknowledge our expectations of the world and of ourselves to others, we are sending an etheric wave of energy outwards that reverberates and effects all that we interact with. For example we may decide one day that we desire to feel more vital life force energy in our bodies. Suddenly all of the recipes we are comfortable cooking seem to be flavorless and unappetizing. This is a very physical response to shift that is occurring on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level simultaneously. Our desire to honor a new belief that we are ‘worthy’ of feeling energized and enlivened is spreading through our cells, our aura, and our mental construct of identity. Perhaps it requires a new cooking class, a few hours of research on the internet for recipes, or a visit with a nutritionist. Perhaps it will also require a dialogue with those that we love in our direct circle of family who will have to be supportive of our new initiative when sharing meals.

The impetus to change, the moment of realization that we are yearning for growth in a further direction, requires Courage.

A prayer that I have found useful during times of anxiety, transformation, and personal growth is:

“Dear God/dess Creator of all that is and is possible, please send me the assistance of Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel and of any and all ascended masters that are working with me at this time to bring forth and encourage my personal power and Courageous self. Please help me to have faith that I am developing, have developed and will continue to find, the tools necessary for the changes that are occurring in my life. Please help me to bolster my faith that the soul path I am walking, is filled with blessings. Thank you, Amen, Om and Aho.”

Transformation and changes on any level requires intense energy and can often be assisted by a commitment to ‘non attachment’. In this context I refer to ‘non attachment’ as the idea that we can accept that the places, people and feelings that have occurred were real and apart of the learning process that has afforded this new emerging self. I practice ‘non attachment’ by acknowledging the feelings, yet letting them float peacefully away to be cradled and transformed by the earth and the light matrix we are all apart of. Today I felt courageous when I looked at some of the choices I had made previously and acknowledged the ways in which I make different choices now. I practiced non attachment by acknowledging the journey I have taken thus far, and by having faith the the journey I continue on will bring further opportunities to transform, evolve and grow.

with light and respect for your journey,


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Transformation with Archangels Haniel and Ariel

Peeling away the layers of that which we are ready to move beyond, creating space for unfurling of our ‘wings’ of light and expansive growth, it is healthful to feel connected to the earth as well as to our greater Souls.
With the assistance of archangel Ariel, we accept a communion with the earth, with nature and the earth spirits and fairies. Asking for assistance of archangel Haniel, we are able to perceive the higher resonance of our connection to the Divine. With this fostering of awareness of both the anchor of our physical beings and the light that fuels our transformations on this planet, we create a greater opportunity for equilibrium and positive changes in our own lives and the collective unconscious.
With gentleness for our own transformations, and that of the planet, I thank you for joining me.

with light,

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Choice, Centering and Reconciliation of Self.


*There are many instances in life where we as humans can experience a sense of powerlessness.  Yet even in these instances, we are powerful.  We are powerful beings in that we always have the choice of how we, as individuals, as expansive souls, choose to act or re-act. Instead of fixating our energy on what it is that makes us feel powerless, such as a a job opportunity or relationship that is not playing out in accordance with the script we have in our minds, we can choose to release our desire to control, and allow for an expansion of our energies, our life opportunities, and ultimately our happiness by choosing to reconnect with our ‘center’ and perceive life and the world on a grander scale.

With limited vision, I experience frustration with finances, daily tasks, or relationships, yet from my center I perceive the blessings in my life, the opportunities for growth, the choices I have made and can continue to make, to nurture authentic relationships. From my human eyes I see a town or an empty street, but from my center, I perceive my place on the planet, the energy that connects me to the continent to which I am standing, and spreads out on the lay lines of light that connect this continent with each other, and the water that flows between them all. Finding a balance between the duality of existing in this present reality, and honoring the greater reality we are all manifesting is a personal and global phenomenon we all must explore.

In the spirit of this exploration I offer this exercise and visualization with the assistance of Archangel Haniel who is the angel carrying messages and gifts that connect humanity with the ‘grace of god/dess’ and their own divine light.

“Dear God/dess, universal consciousness and my higher self please help me to connect to the the light that resides within my being and this earth.  Please send me assistance through Archangel Haniel, and any other ascended master that I am most aligned with at this time, through clear signs, images and feelings to help me to perceive the grander scale of my life purpose, the gifts I have to offer to the planet, and the daily joy and difference I can make through my choices.  Please help me to spread my wings of light, to expand my consciousness like a swan flying upwards into the sky, and truly ‘see’ that this planet holds incredible beauty, to which I am an integral contributor.  Thank you, Amen and Om.”


Each human has divine light within them, and their daily choices reflect, encourage or shelter this light. When we return to our ‘center’ we feel encouraged to make healthful choices throughout our day and lives, that nourish our own brilliance, gifts and divine joy.  From a centered place, researching options for a different job, letting go of an energetically draining relationship, or exploring a move to a new location all seem possible and manageable.  The center of our being knows that hard work and determination, self kindness and self respect are all natural elements of our personality and higher soul.

May your find your center today, and should you need a helping hand, know that the guardian angels that surround you, and the earth beneath your feet, are all reaching towards you to hug, cradle and support you in being ‘centred’ and aligned for your own, as well as the planets, highest vibration of joy.

spider woman's web of light, protection for all her children by Kamia
spider woman’s web of light, protection for all her children
by Kamia

With light and respect for your journey on this earth,



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