In the “I” of the Hurricane; Grounding into the Moment.

Many people are feeling as though they are standing in front of a revolving door at this time.  Poised to step though into a new reality, and manifested opportunity, yet the door continues to revolve, showing a flash of a possible future and steps, then turning and showing a blank surface.  For those of us that are used to a ‘clear view’ of the ‘next step’ this spinning door can bring on migraines, frustration, or feelings of being ungrounded/disconnected from the earth and the present.

I want to assure you on behalf of the Angles, that this is not an indication of your faith, focus, or lack of creative manifesting power.  This is simply a reflection of the overall energy on the planet and all that is surrounding her at this time.  There is a potential for great change, more potent than has been felt in thousands of years, and as all the energy rushes like a wave, opposing energies, realities and manifested futures being dreamed into being by the collective unconscious, are sending waves of light of there own.

On a ‘good day’, a ‘clear beaming’ day, a ‘connected to the earth’ day, these waves are a brilliant rainbow circumventing the globe and humanity as a whole.  On an ‘unclear’ day, the waves bounce off of each other, create ripples in different directions, and send out the sort of sloshing that occurs in a swimming pool when every child’s toy is dumped in, to accompany the riotous playing of several children.

One of the reason’s this tumultuous energy is so effective in causing ripples, is that the potential for ‘awakening’ spiritually, manifesting, and sensitivities of all peoples are expanding exponentially.  We are all shouting our desires, ideals, passionate beliefs and fears at top volume.

Praying to your guardian angels for aid in finding confidence and faith and asking Archangel Michael to help us create healthy boundaries and release fears, is an excellent daily routine that can begin to help the feeling of the revolving door, slow.  Every person is capable of connecting and communicating with their guides, higher self, Angels and the collective unconscious.  To do so, think, sing, speak or write down a focused intention asking for help.  We live in a free-will universe, and help cannot be given without our requests.  A helpful prayer for balance and grounding at this time can be:

“I call on my higher self, my Angles and Guides as well as any Ascended Masters that wish to aid me at this time, to help me find my inner balance, and clearly connect with any and all guidance that can bring peace, confidence and connection to my life purpose and gifts I have agreed to share with the world at this time. Please send me this guidance and aid in an easy to understand, gentle manner. Thank you.”

(Both Buddha and Quan Yin are very generous in surrounding any who ask with an awareness of Divine love and uplifting joy in life, and are very close to humanity at this time.)

Other fun ways of promoting a more grounded sense of being is to dedicate an hour each day to being fully aware in the ‘present’.  This means to connect with smells, sounds, textures and tastes that are all gifts of being human.  Wearing your favorite color, listening to a song that reminds you of feelings of freedom, hugging a tree, sitting on a favorite rock, or standing at a viewpoint and appreciating the vista of the natural world all help to ground our energies into our present manifestation.

When we are centered in our present moment, the revolving door will stop spinning frantically, it will slow enough to reveal the magical future we are all capable of creating, and in that stillness, there is the opportunity to step through.

There can still be little details, miscommunications, irritating challenges and the general emotional upheaval that accompanies a series of large life and world changes, but if we are truly centered in ourselves and the brilliance of the moment, all of these details become less overwhelming, and truly manageable.

In celebration of each of your masterful creations, prayers, dreams and new opportunities, I salute you.

May the rainbow of light lift you up and give you wings,


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Kaleidoscope of Light

The world is changing, as she always does.  The energy shifting at the present time is so powerful that even those people who are new to exploring or recognizing a dialogue of energetic realities are seeking out their own unique ways of spiritual expression.

When I ‘look’ at the earth at this time I see tides of light and color moving across and around her, a giant swirl of energy, breaking through the solidified patterns of the past and creating space for greater growth and expansion.  Obviously, this clearing creates opportunities for fear based energies to expand as well, but with focused intentions for a higher vibration and love based future by each of us on an individual level, we have the power to transform and decide the direction each of our countries, governments and our shared planet.

This is the ultimate time to embrace the flow of light and transformation sweeping past each of our individual lives.  As flooding moved across different areas of the planet, and in a similar fashion as a flood of people took to the streets to protest different political agendas or social injustices, we become linked to this tide of light.  Bringing a daily prayer into our routines that honors this impetus for change, and refocuses our intention for our highest good as well as that of the planet is like adding another star to the sky.  We all are extremely receptive to igniting our own spark when those around us are doing the same.

The following is a prayer, that can be said to whatever higher power/source you are most inspired by at this time:

“I invoke the love and light of my highest consciousness, with the aid and assistance of Godd/dess, my guardian Angels and the Archangel Jophiel who sees the beauty in all living beings, to align my true self with its Soul Path, so that I may be an advocate of healing, peace and change for the most benevolent outcome on the planet at this time.  I ask for assistance and love to be shared with those individuals that are struggling most, so that their own sense of self worth and worthiness is filled with divine compassion.  May love and protection from lower energies be with me, and those that I care about, as well as those that I struggle with the most, every step of the day.”

In praying for those that we do not agree with, we open up a pathway of light to their higher selves, and their highest chakras.  In so doing, we are paving the way for change.  Although praying for those that are wrecking havoc on the planet can be very challenging, it is also one way that the fear and anger we carry is absolutely removed from our own auric fields, allowing us to shine brighter and inspire further transformation.

Claim a moment throughout your day, and create a sacred space for these prayers, noticing the immediate changes to your emotional, mental, spiritual and ultimately, physical body, after saying them. If you find yourself suddenly wanting to change clothing to brighter colors or cleanse a piece to jewry you have been wearing regularly in salt water, this is a normal manifestation of your physical reality wanting to to ‘catch up’ so to speak with the changes that have occurred in your auric field.

To maintain this sense of relief and wellness, consider adding a piece of silk to your wardrobe for the day.  Silk helps to wipe clean the energy it interacts with, and a light scarf can either be worn or simply kept in a bag to run ones hands over to ‘clear’ energy throughout the day.  If you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of mental confusion, consider wearing the silk scarf on your head for an hour at home.

Remember that praying for the planet, the collective unconscious, those we love, and ourselves as individuals, does make a difference.  I assure you that a prayer is like a beacon of light, shooting upwards and outwards in the etheric plane, and whether from a stranger or someone we know, the light when it touches us all, is ‘felt’ and deeply appreciated.

With light,


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Prayer for a Brighter Future

by Jane Shepherd
acrylic by Jane Shepherd

I pray to the creator, god and goddess, the angels, spirit guides and higher selves of the collective unconscious, that the people and government of Canada come together to form a more unified belief and mandate of environmental preservation, human rights including First Nations, and kindness to one another.

I pray for respect, fair dealings and allocations of funds to begin to constructively address the many injustices and damages that have been thrust on First Nations peoples.

I pray that we all come together energetically to make choices that honor the future of a healed planet and choose innovative energy sources, supporting our populace with newly created jobs that allow us to believe in the universal rightness and good of our actions and tasks.

I pray and join others in their prayers for the celebration of our natural resources and the desire to honor nature, instead of destroying her.  I pray that peoples of Canada and the World feel loved and supported by the earth and one another so that they may choose daily, to support the earth and each other.

I ask for the help of the christ consciousness in spreading this prayer, and that if you are reading it, you take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful light in your neighbors, your community members, and your fellow countrymen and women regardless of their race, gender or income.

When we acknowledge and speak to the soul purpose in others, we begin to connect and benefit the whole instead of the individual.

Thank You.

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