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  1. Inter Dimensional Awareness


    July 23, 2018 by kamishep

    To traverse realities, we simply are allowing an expansion of consciousness, a ‘larger view’ or a ‘higher perspective’ from our physical space occupied in the body we incarnated into for this life walk.

  2. A Double Helix of Light with Archangel Zadkiel

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    October 4, 2014 by kamishep

    Double Helix of Light click to watch video on YouTube  During times where we feel like our energy is being effected …
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  3. Being Free from Disappointment

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    February 21, 2013 by kamishep

    Dealing with disappointment is a skill that can benefit from some fine tuning on the etheric plane as well as …
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  4. Hope Opens

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    January 30, 2013 by kamishep

    Hope is a powerful ingredient in transformation.  It is the first sparkle of light in the psyche and aura that …
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