Angel Messages and Weekly Forecast


Dec 9th-15th

We maintain a particular energy resonance in the place that we choose as ‘home’.  Sometimes this is a nest-like place of renewal and peace.  For others the home place may be a source of anxiety or discord.  When we are in a ‘home,’ we can shift the energy that is present through a number of ways.  For those seeking to uplift or elevate the energy, they may choose to practice prayer, chanting, smudging, cleansing of their crystals, or a sifting through belongings to share good fortune with others, while creating new space in the home for energy to flow.  For those that identify that home is a place of fear or anxiety, this week Vesta is also present to help the inner fire, our own source of home within, for belonging to this planet and the manifest reality with worth and deservedness of Peace, to help encourage healthful changes, and asking for assistance where necessary.  What does asking for assistance look like on the etheric realm?  Some may simply utter the words aloud ‘I need some help.’ The simplicity of the way we each learn to pray or receive is finely tuned to our own individual being.  There is no right or wrong way to connect with Divine Source, there is simply the ways we identify, practice or seek further tools for refinement of receptive understanding.

This week as Vesta helps us to perceive that which we ‘fill’ our cup of self and nourishment with, in the spaces we have chosen as ‘home,’ a clear flowing stream from Divine Source rushes around and through our space, helping us to clearly ‘see’ that which we seek to add or release.  We may choose to fill our personal sphere with new energy, like the smell of fresh branches from fragrant trees, or baking bread or other ancestral recipes that activate memories of comfort.  We may choose to add aspects of being we have long forgotten, or once put aside, but now value.  We may also choose to seek assistance from those in our life or community that offer the protective quality of Peace bringers.  Energy work is something that amplifies on any level when we connect with others, having self identified we need a little help.  A light worker, a social worker, a peace keeping officer, all can offer gifts on the different levels of being ; spiritual, emotional, or physical,  for healthful changes in the ‘Home’.

For those that are born this week, a soft gold glow like the embers in  a hearth fire, is infusing the third chakra, our place of personal power.  What are we ready to ask for from the world at large, and from ourselves for personal creative expression and truth-speaking of Soul purpose?

May we each feel warm and safe this week, in the ways that we are growing and fostering Peace,

With light,


*December is a month in which seeking support from counsellors, support workers, holistic practitioners and other therapy modalities can afford deep karmic clearing. May we all connect with the support system that is most nourishing for us at this time.  In honour of sensitive Souls, those booking a 10card reading can quote the promo code: SpiritBodyAwareness for a $10discount

Recommended reading for awakening personal spiritual empowerment with gentleness includes:

The Seventh Sister; A Story of The Divine Feminine

Soul Evolution

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Every minute of every day we are all receiving multiple levels of information. We may train our focus to receive on the physical, to be processing through the five senses we are culturally conditioned to rely upon. We may choose to be very mentally focused, to sort through patterns, memories, worries or plans as we project our #consciousness forward and backwards or in a circle of time. We may be focused on the emotional level, the feelings of people surrounding us or those we are carrying currently in our emotional duffel bag. Yet, regardless of intentional focus, we are still receiving further information on the etheric level, through our #6thsense ; the #energy of a place, the resonance of water or earth, the imprints of what has been, people who passed or angelic beings seeking to connect us with our most Divinely radiant self. Even if we train our focus to connect on the spiritual level for as little as 8mins a day, we help to open to a more expansive feeling of #hope and #peace for our selves and the collective consciousness. We can do so with simple #affirmations or #prayers such as thinking or saying aloud “I am willing to receive all light based messages and intuitive gifts from Divine Source at this time” and literally setting a timer for 8 minutes. Perhaps images rise in the consciousness, or intense feelings, memories we are working beyond, or music or words. Anyway we take notice of reception with #faith in our own capacity for self #knowledge, can be honored.

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It is a time on the planet with incredible potential for transformation and change both on an individual level as well as humanity in its entirety.  Be conscious of the effects of the transformation on your mood and energy level, take time through out each day to re-focus awareness on your inner being and wellness.  Be patient and gentle as lifetimes of karmic debris sift past or around or off of you and others.  Call on your helpers and guides to bring more light into your being and to cleanse your aura.  Give yourself the gift of inner balance, allowing emotions to flow through you, but not control you.  Breathe in fresh pure air, and feel sunlight on your face.  Make a commitment to radiate your inner light outwards, and others will be inspired to also shine.  Each human and being on the planet has light to shine.  When we are all shining, there are no limits to what can be healed and manifested.

What is a message for people regarding inviting blessings into their lives?

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck.


Many people are becoming more adept at manifesting and feeling familiar with positive affirmations.  One of the key ingredients to manifesting, however, is to heal any emotional wounds or beliefs that block the positive flow of divine blessings, by working on ‘knowing’ one is ‘Worthy’ of blessings. This means continuing to tell the self, and the loud and sometimes abusive ego, that we are all Worthy of love, good fortune, health, vitality, happiness, and prosperity, every day.  If we carry a belief structure that is based on fear, such as ‘I am only worthy when I have done something that deserves reward’, this could be a thought such as income or weight or fitness level,then we are sending out a negative affirmation to the universe.  The angels and guides, and your higher self, as well as whichever Deity resonates with you, already believe you are deserving of blessings.  They are with you, at your periphery, whispering that you are lovable, beautiful, talented, and worthy right now! When we allow ourselves to believe we are worthy of blessings, they will appear far more quickly.  Some of the ways we can overcome heart chakra blocks, and heal emotional patterns are through loving self affirmations. Gentle touch such as massage with a practitioner who one feels safe with, and is energetically intuitive can be very healing for the heart.  Another way is to use the essential oil of Rose.  The oil can be placed directly over the heart center as well as behind each ear.  As it is placed on the body, try the prayer “I receive divine love, I am worthy and deserving of Love.  I hear messages from the world and myself that are loving.”  You can also buy an actual rose or download a picture of one to watch the beautiful unfurling of its petals, and visuals the same unfurling at your own heart center. The message I hear angels and guides shout, more than any other to all people is : “You are worthy and deserving of Love!” Allowing in blessings and manifesting, is rooted in Love.

May you feel Divine Love today,


3 thoughts on “Angel Messages and Weekly Forecast

  1. jane shepherd says:

    thank you Kamia for these beautiful thoughts today– I appreciate every one– jane

  2. Lana says:

    Your post for July 29-Aug 4th, really resonates with me. I’ve been practicing going back into times in this life that I was hard on myself, or afraid. I practice hugging that little girl or young woman, and giving her loving words of encouragement. It is so empowering to make those changes of being gentle on the self. It really does soften this whole experience in this life. I love the idea to also forgive the world for not growing fast enough in the ways we dream of for peace. This gives me a sense of support as I feel renewed faith in our world that change will happen, perhaps just not as quickly as I hope for!!

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