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Feb 25th – March 3rd

Early on in life, many people will imprint patterns that distract them from their ‘centre’, and feelings of empowerment.  This is not necessarily through a consciousness choice of ‘I wish to be disempowered’, but rather that through recreating familiar patterns that are received in the family, the world at large, teachers of all kinds and exposure to media, we sometimes as humans, seek to express or act in a manner that is closer to our perception of ‘normal’ than what truly resonates as our unique selves. When our capitalistic culture evolved, some of the keys to marketing centred around (continue to centre around) feelings of ‘lack’.  An image or a set of words that suggests we would be better through purchase of something, more confident, more organized, more capable or more likely to be receiving admiration.  Yet, in the basis of most spiritual practices, a concept of perfection within, through self acceptance, and connection to each persons particular aspect of the Divine, is what affords the deepest sense of Love, self worth and personal empowerment. While some external objects can certainly increase the ease of daily life, such as modern transportation, no external object can fulfill internal longing on the emotional, mental, or spiritual levels, for a sense of self worth or empowerment. This week we are reminded to look within, to plant seeds of self compassion, self esteem and personal power for the years to come.

“Committing to celebrating the Self can be a daunting task. Many people will explore ways of presenting themselves or interacting with the world that are not truly aligned with who they feel they are. This can be a defense mechanism so that when we experience rejection, we can assure ourselves that we are being rejected for qualities that aren’t the ‘real me.’ It takes tremendous courage to present the world with our true Self, courage to allow that people may not understand our true Selves, be supportive or understanding in the ways that we yearn for them to be. The rewarding aspect of presenting our true Self to the world that can offer the most reassurance, however, is that though people may pass from our lives, in being truly and authentically who we know ourselves to be, we will attract new people and opportunities from friendship, family of the heart and healing. The most attractive people I have met are the ones who express themselves with authenticity. They inspire me to do the same and their presence resonates throughout time and space.
What are the things, words, motions, sounds or colors we would express to the world if we felt absolutely supported and loved?”

Excerpt From: Kamia Shepherd ‘Soul Evolution’

What do we truly feel we deserve to have reflected towards us by the world at large?  Do we see our own shining light, our sensitivity, idealism, optimism, artistic nature, creative genius, as a value to this planet?  And if we do give ourselves permission to accept our deepest dreams os self expression, in what ways do we allow the world around us to support, amplify and celebrate those dreams?  Have we chosen friends/relationships whom encourage us to take chances on finding/remembering ourselves?  Do we surround ourselves with people who push us to keep uncovering new aspects of being in health, wellness, learning and confidence?

May we remember our personal power to change, grow, and take chances for ourselves, and one another, on that which truly resonates with out Soul Purpose; a Peace-Full and conscious life.

with light,
and deep respect for all those beaming Love,

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In a meditative state, we are all more aware of the power of prayer and divine communion for saturating our lives and all living things with the essence of Peace and Love. There can be moments, during ones communion with the Divine, when the light pathways that surround us, this planet and star system as a whole, become clear, and vibrant. In those moments, the true prosperity of life is revealed. The aspect of all living beings resonating with light, the spirit essence of creation, connects the plants, animals, humans and elements in an incredible web of energy. Places, people, and animals and the etheric realm such as the spirit helpers angelic light beings, fairy kingdom and ascended masters, each pulse as an intersection, a power source that feeds and sustains the whole.thumbnail_img_3187

When people say ‘we are one’, I perceive it as the interconnectedness of all living beings and creations. From this ‘vision’ or level of perception, we are better able to help one another, to balance and encourage the ultimate abundant resonating potential we each carry. From this feeling, we are able to respect the animals and the plants, the elements that sustain and nourish the planet and all her creatures as a whole. This vision of light, allows for manifestations of great change. If the light source of the planet that an individual carries, is connected to all other beings, then through loving and developing our own gifts, we have a direct effect on infusing the overall light of this planet on the spiritual level. In this card, we are reminded to find sacred time and space to commune with the Divine and with the light that radiates across and threads through all that is and continues to be created. In this aspect of Divine communion, we are each rich in prosperity, filled with abundant potential, and provided for in all our needs. The emotional level can be healed, the physical level strengthened and revitalized, the spiritual awareness expanded and the mental level free of worry.

May we each remember the Divine Spark we carry in our hearts and Souls.

With appreciation for the ways we are each learning, remembering and finding the courage to shine,


“Health and happiness are two attributes that the majority of the planet strive towards.  The health of themselves as well as their families and loved ones, the health of their countries and the planet as a whole. Though there is a disparity of wealth across the planet that could be altered and healed, there has also been indication that humanity has a desire to evolve to a place of generosity with both itself and nature.  Though we often are bombarded in the news with messages that show devastation and duress, it is important to look around us, to really see the kindness that occurs on a grass roots level, and allow ourselves to imagine that it is possible on a global level as well.  The energy that we ‘broadcast’, the thought patterns that we carry each day, contribute to the collective unconscious and the greater wave lengths of the planet as a whole, and do effect change.  With each thought we have that people can make choices based on kindness, and respect for life, the greater the opportunity for those that are open to receiving and transmitting the light do so.” from Chapter 5 of Soul Evolution:  Chapter Five, Multiplying Vibrations of Happiness and HealthThere is always enough space in the world for more people to speak, write, paint and express loving Kindness. To say something nice, to give a compliment for the sake of acknowledging inner beauty, without a desire to receive anything in return, but with the intention of raising the vibration of another human and in turn the planet. To all of you seekers, dreamer, poets silent or loud, lovers and light filled radiant beings, I salute and thank you. You are all beautiful to me.with lightKamia

Thank you, all of you beautiful souls, vibrant spirits and divine love sharing individuals! May 2014 bring joy and gentle transformation, a renewal of your deepest dreams and nourishing relationships that support your unique path. Its an honour to be on the planet with you!


with light


It is a time on the planet with incredible potential for transformation and change both on an individual level as well as humanity in its entirety.  Be conscious of the effects of the transformation on your mood and energy level, take time through out each day to re-focus awareness on your inner being and wellness.  Be patient and gentle as lifetimes of karmic debris sift past or around or off of you and others.  Call on your helpers and guides to bring more light into your being and to cleanse your aura.  Give yourself the gift of inner balance, allowing emotions to flow through you, but not control you.  Breathe in fresh pure air, and feel sunlight on your face.  Make a commitment to radiate your inner light outwards, and others will be inspired to also shine.  Each human and being on the planet has light to shine.  When we are all shining, there are no limits to what can be healed and manifested.

What is a message for people regarding inviting blessings into their lives?

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck.


Many people are becoming more adept at manifesting and feeling familiar with positive affirmations.  One of the key ingredients to manifesting, however, is to heal any emotional wounds or beliefs that block the positive flow of divine blessings, by working on ‘knowing’ one is ‘Worthy’ of blessings. This means continuing to tell the self, and the loud and sometimes abusive ego, that we are all Worthy of love, good fortune, health, vitality, happiness, and prosperity, every day.  If we carry a belief structure that is based on fear, such as ‘I am only worthy when I have done something that deserves reward’, this could be a thought such as income or weight or fitness level,then we are sending out a negative affirmation to the universe.  The angels and guides, and your higher self, as well as whichever Deity resonates with you, already believe you are deserving of blessings.  They are with you, at your periphery, whispering that you are lovable, beautiful, talented, and worthy right now! When we allow ourselves to believe we are worthy of blessings, they will appear far more quickly.  Some of the ways we can overcome heart chakra blocks, and heal emotional patterns are through loving self affirmations. Gentle touch such as massage with a practitioner who one feels safe with, and is energetically intuitive can be very healing for the heart.  Another way is to use the essential oil of Rose.  The oil can be placed directly over the heart center as well as behind each ear.  As it is placed on the body, try the prayer “I receive divine love, I am worthy and deserving of Love.  I hear messages from the world and myself that are loving.”  You can also buy an actual rose or download a picture of one to watch the beautiful unfurling of its petals, and visuals the same unfurling at your own heart center. The message I hear angels and guides shout, more than any other to all people is : “You are worthy and deserving of Love!” Allowing in blessings and manifesting, is rooted in Love.

May you feel Divine Love today,


“What do People on the planet need to be aware of when they are overcome with feelings of fear and unease?”

I believe all individuals on the planet are indeed going through a time of mass transformation, and it is uncomfortable on all levels. To find balance as we are all encountering a deep Sensitivity, to harsh media images, environmental destruction and political machinations, we must remember to create a sense of ‘sacred space’ around ourselves, and to help encourage others to do so as well. Sacred Space can be about taking time to honour strong emotions, look at them, and then release them, to ask for guidance form ones personal angels and guides, and to purify our direct environments, perhaps through a tidying up ion the physical level and buying some fresh flowers to remember that we all radiate life and sweetness, or to have salt baths to help detoxify on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. The angel Haniel sits in a pristine environment, strumming a harp. Music can elevate our vibrations and change our energy, give yourself the gift of uplifting music, to sing, dance, or even cry with. Like Haniel, know that your soul is a beautiful, shining light and like the swans swimming behind Haniel, your soul wishes to be in a state of Grace. Call on Haniel to help find your inner centre, and distinguish what emotions and thoughts are truly your own and what energy you are picking up from those around you and the world at large. Bring beauty to yourself by visiting nature, and taking a moment to connect with the earth. Above all, know that you are not alone in these transformational times. Angels are everywhere.

with light,


One thought on “Angel Messages and Weekly Forecasts

  1. jane shepherd says:

    thank you Kamia for these beautiful thoughts today– I appreciate every one– jane

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