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Your readings have such depth in them, they touch my soul and bring me so much peace and renewed confidence in myself, my worth, and my purpose here on this earth, even clarify things on a deeper level I have known about myself but never developed like my healing ability.” MJ

“Thank you so much for this reading…it couldn’t have resonated more deeply than it has. Your gift is BEAUTIFUL!!” Karen

An Angel Reading is a joint communication between your higher self, guardian angels, the Archangels and Ascended Masters working alongside you at this time, and Kamia listening and recording/communicating their messages to facilitate healing and understanding. Messages from past lives through the Akashic Records, may also present themselves if the individual is currently working through past life karma or can be assisted through transfer/integration of cosmic knowledge from their previous lifetime.  Cards are drawn from various decks and their pattern and symbols help to relay messages that are yours to receive.  All readings are expressed with compassion and clarity in a comprehensive manner.

To Receive an Angel Card Reading please email your request to with the subject: angel card reading.  You can arrange alternate forms of payment if you prefer an e-transfer or mailed check to the below credit card option. A reply email will confirm receipt of the email within 4 days, and a reading will follow. Your personalized Angel Card Reading often follows within two weeks of receipt of your question/focus.  Kamia specializes in Remote Readings, meaning the interpretation of the card spread as well as an image of the spread, sent to you via email or regular mail. This is a popular alternative for people all over the world. Payment will be confirmed during email correspondence.

3 Card Basic Spread

Cards in Position 1: Past Influences, possibly past life influences, Cards in Position 2: Present Lessons and Emerging Themes, Cards in Position 3: Future Manifestation and Transformation


Complex Reading, 10 card multi-deck reading:

This reading gives an in depth exploration of the current challenges, the basis, the past, present, possibilities in the near future, your power in the situation, effects of people around you, your hopes or fears, and the outcome.

Complex Readings are very detailed and specific.  They are also positive, but will honestly explore some of the challenges and blocks a person may be experiencing, as well as tools for bringing more balance and wellness into the situation.


12 Month Forecast for Unified Being:

For those that seek a monthly Energy Focus for Divinely encouraged wellness and personal growth, this reading gifts a monthly card with explanation and image, for the cycle of 12 months.  The cards are drawn with a focus on bringing forward Soul path acknowledgment, karmic recurring patterns with tools for moving through them from the Akashic Records, and angelic support for aligning the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels of being through the shifting months.

*People often find this a supportive spread for sustaining personal commitments towards unified being, particularly as a birthday gift for the self or a loved one. 


Children’s 3 Card Spread:

A positive and empowering forecast for youth, highlighting gifts they carry during this present incarnation, lessons carrying forward from previous incarnations, and tools for conscious living with the sensitivities they are currently navigating.

This can be a natal reading for parents seeking tools for fostering positive communication with their children, or as a gift of encouragement to older youth. 

*Appropriate from birth to age 16.


💖Kamia considers it a blessing to facilitate positive communication between the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and spirit helpers that are working alongside clients during their life walk.

In a meditative state, we are all more aware of the power of prayer and divine communion for saturating our lives and all living things with the essence of Peace and Love. There can be moments, during ones communion with the Divine, when the light pathways that surround us, this planet and star system as a whole, become clear, and vibrant. In those moments, the true prosperity of life is revealed. The aspect of all living beings resonating with light, the spirit essence of creation, connects the plants, animals, humans and elements in an incredible web of energy. Places, people, and animals and the etheric realm such as the spirit helpers angelic light beings, fairy kingdom and ascended masters, each pulse as an intersection, a power source that feeds and sustains the whole

*If you are looking for a gentle single card introduction to Angelic and Ascended Master messages, please contact Kamia for seasonal discounts, and promotions. If you are seeking guidance there are always messages available to be shared in a loving manner, in the archive of blogposts on this website.

with light and respect for your journey,


Kamia Shepherd                        ANGEL THERAPIST (R) 

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Guest Speaking and Group Rates:

*If you are interested in a group meditation, or a guest speaker for messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Earth spirits for facilitating healing, energy forecasts, or transformation, please email Kamia at

Travelling with Angels:

*If you have a group of spiritually minded people, or an event you would like to bring a spiritual awareness into, Kamia can travel to your location for ‘in person’ readings. Depending on distance of travel, the minimum group size will vary. Please email to enquire on availability and bringing Angel Readings to your location.

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