5 Days of Freedom (Free Exercise)

As sunlight streams through the window, I can feel my body and soul warming with gratitude. The simple moment, the space where I allow myself to receive the blessings brought by the light of sun, is a moment that I will return to through out the day. Sometimes it is in the five minutes, or the hour, that we are able to claim ‘sacred space’ for ourselves and our own blossoming self, that we impart the greatest transformative power. When we allow the physical to express itself, energy is transmuted and released, patterns can be changed, and empowerment harnessed.-3

In honor of incarnating at this time, and having the good fortune to interact with you all, whether in person or in spirit and cyber space, I would like to share five of my favourite ways to ‘create sacred space’ for the self and soul.

I invite you to participate each day that a new exercises or practice is posted, or to view them all at once when they are finished and devote a weekend to each of them and your own alchemical, magical ability to bring about peace, healing and joy.


For this exercise you will need :

  • a pen or pencil, crayon or marker (or all of the above)
  • a piece of paper
  • willingness to release that which no longer serves your life purpose

The first practice I have found useful towards personal freedom, is one centered in Forgiveness.

Start a sentence at the top of the page that begins :

I forgive myself for ………………………………………………………………….

If I approach this practice with an honest and open heart, I can fill an entire page. It is amazing what we will chastise ourself for, sometimes subconsciously, sometimes consciously, but always unfairly. Our Angels, Guides, Spirit Helpers, the Archangels at large and the Ascended Masters are all waiting in the etheric plane with light orbs of healing, encouragement and love to shower us with. First we must allow that we deserve it, and part of feeling ‘worthy’ of healing is to acknowledge the wounds we carry, and forgive ourselves for receiving them. These wounds can be related to self image, or lack of confidence, relationships that were or continue to be painful, blocking our dreams, and yearning for love and support when we believe we should be entirely self sufficient. What ever pops into your mind and onto the page is ready to be released.

When the list feels complete, start another list that begins:

I forgive ………………………………………………………………………………

This second list can encapsulate humor, irreverence, and despair. Perhaps it will span the encounters from where someone scratched your vehicles paint job to feeling frustrated with being incarnated on the planet where war and violence continue to occur on such a grand scale. I have certainly had lists that began with forgiving my husband for using the last of the coffee beans and not telling me, and ending with forgiving my higher self to agreeing to another incarnation on the planet. Both sentences were powerful in the ‘lightening’ of my heart charka and personal feelings of Freedom. When your lists feel complete, sip tea or water and take at least eight deep breaths. Close your eyes and ask that your guides and angels help you to release the lower energies that have weighed you down.

When you feel guided to, pick up each list and read them out loud. There is an incredible freedom first in allowing ourself to ‘think’ something, then in writing and bringing it into the physical reality, and finally, a greater freedom in ‘speaking’ our truth.

When you have finished, remember to take further time and space for whatever your body and self are most calling for. If it is a good long cry, then allow the gentleness of an Ascended Master such as Quan Yin or Jesus to sit with you through it. If it is a mad dance or run through the wilderness, then consider asking Archangel Michael or the Fairy Kingdom to accompany you as you release further energy in celebration or passion.

After this sacred space has been held and honored, take a moment to wiggle your toes and fingers and reconnect with your body and this time and space. Consider singing or humming an OM (AUM sound) to activate the energy you have created new space for by releasing through forgiveness.

You are a grounded, powerful light worker!

With respect for your journey,

and light,



Often times we can become caught in the daily routines of our lives and feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction, a kind of boredom with repetitive cycles. To create space for new opportunities and a change to our routines, we must actively seek a new thought form and a new action. One of the ways to foster this newness is to saturate the senses, through visual cues and suggestions. The feeling I get when I look at a landscape I have never seen before, is like a small epiphany. I can feel my energy shifting as my interest, my curiosity in ‘newness’ is encouraged.

I have heard the following creative practice called different things, such as ‘manifestation collage’, or ‘vision board’, yet for me, though I do wish to manifest the images and ideas that I place on one, more than anything I consider the play of color and thought provoking images to be a piece of ‘inspiration for transformation and change’ exercise.

What you will need:

  • an open mind for playfulness
  • scissors
  • magazines
  • pencil crayons or markers or paints
  • a glue stick
  • a piece of cardboard (a cut up cereal box taped together to make a larger surface is one I use often)

*If you are traveling and do not have access to these materials, a notebook and a pen will do, and an alternative practice will be suggested following the first.

Begin by choosing a shape of cardboard that appeals to you. Ideally this will be a large shape, that fits some space on your wall. I sometimes am most drawn to a circle, but often find a large square or rectangle easiest to cut to a size that appeals to me.

Next, start flipping through magazines. If you do not have a wide variety of magazines I suggest asking the local library if they have any they are disposing. Occasionally, after flipping through my piles of kept magazines I will not feel incredibly inspired and will invest in two new ones. Ideally each will be new issues I have not previously purchased, and in this way I am honoring my curiosity for new ideas and images. As you flip through the magazines, pause at images and words that catch your attention. Before cutting them out, ask yourself, how does this image, word make me feel? Any fear based reaction can be left inside the magazine. If the words and images encourage curiosity, wonder, excitement, determination, passion and peace, cut them out and place them to the side of your cardboard. Some of the pictures might be of places you have never been, or have been in dreams, some might represent scenarios such as playfulness, animals, exercise, colorful expression or new skills and talents you would like to explore. Sometimes there are images of homes from the far past, or ones you would like to live in one day. Whatever the image, if it makes you feel positive when you look at it, cut it out and place it on the pile.

Once you feel you have a substantial pile of ‘found’ images and words, arrange and glue them onto the cardboard. There is no ‘right way’ to arrange or present them. When the collage is glued, and the blank spaces of cardboard entirely covered, notice which images or words did not find a space on there. If you have one you would like to add, place it over a corresponding image you ‘feel’ it ‘fits’ with.

This is a form of artistic expression, and because you were drawn to each word and image, it is a work of your own ‘art’. YAY!! You are and artist!

This collage can be decorated further if it appeals to you, or left as it is. It can be used each day for a reminder that there are aspects of the planet and ourselves we are ‘curious’ to explore, and as a reminder that there is always space in daily routines to take the time to foster this curiosity and newness.

*If you are traveling and did not have access to these supplies, draw a circle in your notebook and write the words of places, animals, colors, plants, ascended masters and archangels, and any other word that ‘pops’ into your mind, such as love, positive relationships, fun, and adventure, inside the circle. Decorate and doodle pictures in the circle, add lines and images around it as well. When you have an opportunity, look up those words on the computer, at the library, or in magazines and enjoy the saturation of color, culture and inspiration.

When you have found a place on your wall for your collage, take some time to sit and gaze at it, as it is illuminated by light. Perhaps a candle near it, or a lamp rearranged will reveal new angles and shape. Sitting in this reflection of the colors and dreams that have manifested onto the board, allow your mind to wonder to ponder the ‘what if?’ of future education, creation, travel, healing and abundance you have the ability to create, first from a dream, then from following the steps and guidance necessary to create the action. Perhaps there is an image of a country such as Scotland in the corner of your collage. In a week you are drawn to a library book and this book just happens to be centered in the highlands of ancient Scotland. The next week in the check out line at a grocery store, the young woman starts up a conversation with you about heritage, and mentions that she is of scottish decent. All of these seeming ‘coincidences’ are encouraging messages from the universe, your guides and angels, to keep exploring your own awareness. It would not be surprising if a vivid past life memory of ancient Scotland or a vacation in the next year were to manifest.

We are all powerful alchemical beings with the power to manifest and transform our daily routines and lives through allowing Curiosity and the fostering of new ideas and dreams.

With light and celebration of your creations,



Sometimes we talk of ‘self nurturing’, and for today’s exercise I’d like to focus on that topic in a particular way that has helped me through times where I desperately needed to feel more connected to my ‘centre’ and ‘self’. This is a practice that will extend through out the entire day. Today’s practice is to be “The Hero/Heroine Of Your Own Story.”

What you will need:

  • your favorite outfit. (the item of clothing you love to wear more than anything. This might be a bathing suit layered under regular and your winter clothes, or a sweater you save for ‘special occasion’…well today is special. It is a special ‘you day’, so put it on!)
  • music that makes your heart sing
  • a commitment to self to invest in one meal that not only feeds you belly and body, but also your soul. (I like fresh bread with copious amounts of butter, some people might want a green smoothie, or their favorite childhood meal)
  • An offering for the earth, it could be a cup of water you have prayed over, a pinch of tobacco, an incense stick, or a piece of bright fabric.

You have lived your entire life, with this body that carries you, the thoughts that are your own, the loves and passions and dreams that fuel you and the sorrows you have had to endure and overcome. You are the Hero/Heroine of your own story, and today is a day to acknowledge your bravery, your courage and survival, as well as the determination and dreams you carry within you.

Through out the entire day, I invite you to remember the times that you were strong, and the times that you felt pain, and re-word the experiences in your mind in a life affirming way such as:

“The Hero of this story (insert your name) had days where he/she questioned him/her self, but those days continued because he/she did not give up, and is still here, creating another and new story, on the pathway of self enlightenment and new understanding, gathering tools and new blessings along the way.”

For every instant that we felt we let ourselves down, it is possible to frame the experience as either a learning experience, a trial that was overcome, such as all Hero’s encounter, or in a manner in which we see that we carried strength, determination and incredible courage. A Hero/Heroine in my belief is not a perfectly formed, flawless individual, but rather a person that has walked through fire; the fire of tragedy, challenge, loss, sorrow and disappointment, and has walked out the other side. From those fires they have changed, they carry new depths of compassion for others, new levels of awareness for making different choices in the future and encouraging others to also make healthy choices. Heroes fight battles each day, to stand and speak for what they believe in, such as being an advocate of peace or love in their own families or for pure, preserved environments for their future generations. They are human, they are all of us.

Clothed in your favorite warrior, holy, or fun loving clothing, listening to your heart filling music, choosing a meal at some point that nourishes and enlivens you, come back to your ‘self’, and ‘centre’ by celebrating your own, unique story. There may be people who would experience incredible healing and encouragement were you to share it, or perhaps it is a private experience you wish to hold within you heart. Either choice is still the perfect expression of ‘you’.

At the end of the day, after many moments of internal or external story telling, take your ‘offering’ outside, the small bundle from the items or another you were drawn to, to a place in nature you feel ‘safe.’ This could be your yard or a park, or a trail or a lake. Anywhere you feel close to the earth. Place your bundle on the ground and say a prayer of gratitude.

One that I use goes like this:

“Dear Creator/God/Goddess, thank you for being witness to my journey. Thank you for cradling my footsteps, for sending me fresh water, sunlight, and food to sustain me. Thank you for the clean air to fill my lungs and give me the strength to sing my song, tell my story, and speak with kindness. Thank you for the earth spirits, the fairies, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and the wise ones who you have sent to bring blessings and help throughout this journey. Please accept this small offering in thanks and with love. I will continue to walk my path,accepting your assistance, and bringing respect for my own, and others journeys in all my action. Aho, Amen, and OM.”

At this time of prayer and offering, listen with your being and self for any messages, signs or feelings that come to you. On a day of self empowerment, we are more ‘open’ to receiving messages, and your angels and helpers have many for you filled with encouragement, love and wisdom.

In honor of your heroism,

with light,



Today’s practice is very simple. You are to set an intention to smile at each person you see today. It does not have to be an earsplitting, joyful smile, though it can be, if this is the way you are feeling. It can be a gentle, an encouraging, or a knowing smile. We often pass strangers through out the day, and do not really ‘look’ at them. Some of them are not really ‘looking’ at us either. Today is for ‘looking and seeing’.

Each person carries a gift inside of them. A smile costs us nothing to give, but can be a gift that spreads out in a ripple effect in ways we do not even realize. Share your unique smile with the world today, and allow the blessing to be returned to you. If someone does not return your smile, it is not a personal reflection of your beauty, yet you have still shared a gift with them. Some of the kindest gifts we can give are to people with no expectation of a return on that gift. Some of your smiles might turn into conversations that surprise you, and are ‘just the words you needed to hear’ today.

The universe and your angels conspire across time and space to co-create interactions with other people that afford gifts, lessons and divine timing to encourage you on your path in all ways. Bring gentleness and bravery into your being, look up, meet people’s eyes and smile. Your inner beauty is a vital ingredient in reminding others, they too have beauty to share.

with a smile, and a deep appreciation for your ability to share and receive positive energy today,



When I was very little, I was captivated by my moms ‘sacred space‘ alter. It was a small shelf that had a few of her favorite crystals, and some baby photo’s, and was close to the cassette player she used to play beautiful music each morning. To me, this shelf was the most magical place in the house. The crystals resonated with their own unique vibrations and the photos reminded me that she loved us. A wise woman, she encouraged me to have my own special shelf in my room. I had a rose quartz and an amethyst on it, two crystals that were gentle and in line with my child-energy, as well as a prayer wheel one of my brothers brought back from Nepal. I would sometimes add a favorite book I was reading. As I grew older I added a beeswax candle and plants, things that when I looked at, reminded me to approach my day with an awareness and an appreciation for the Divine. It is not uncommon for a seashell, a pinecone, a clay goddess, a poem, my latest inspirational collage or a shiny foil wrapped piece of chocolate to find its way onto my sacred space shelf or ‘alter’. When I received my first deck of cards, for fostering deeper exploration of my own psyche and journey, they rested proudly on this shelf.

A gift of traveling extensively was having the good fortune to see the ‘alters’ that are placed inside and outside homes and businesses around the world. Some have images of ancestors, saints, of ascended masters, fairies, and of gods, or goddesses that are sacred to their particular beliefs. Often there are candles or incense, a moment of devotion and prayer at the beginning or end of the day.

Today as I write this post, I begin with a small prayer to bring blessings, and clarity, before lighting a candle in the shape of a laughing buddha and placing a second candle of the Blessed Mother, ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ beside him. The lighting of the candles is my way of ‘planting a seed’ of reverence and awareness for my day and sharing through these words. The seed of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental balance can all begin with a simple intention or representation of inner balance. I find a candle flame to be reassuring. It reminds me that a single flame can illuminate a large space, and that when a candle is blown out, it takes a single spark to re-ignite it’s shining.

What are the small seeds in your own home and day that you plant to bring about a more ‘balanced’ connection to your being and self? Perhaps meditation, yoga, a walk in nature, your favorite mantra or song or prayer is your ‘seed’ for awareness and spirit for the day. Perhaps it is a beautiful painting, or an image of the divine, or watering your garden. Whatever you ‘sacred space’, your alter for bringing light into your being and day, the light within me, bows and acknowledges the light within you. If you wish to add to this space, then honor that impetus. It can be a fresh flower, or a rock from your latest walk, your unique connection to the earth, the Creator/God/Goddess and your own inner knowing it the right connection for you.

I sincerely believe that speaking with and connecting to the divine does not infact require a physical item or manifestation, yet if seeing a small token, reminds you to take the space and time to breathe deeply, to send our a prayer for yourself and for the world, then honor and give yourself that gift. Other areas in our lives will ask for seeds to be planted. The seed that asks for us to pick up a particular magazine, and suddenly see an advertisement for a new career we would like to explore, or the seed that has us buy a postcard of a place we have never been, yet in a few years find ourselves living or visiting. The impetus to plant a seed on the physical plane, is often times a manifestation of the message that one is receiving from their guides and angels on the etheric plane.

May you water your garden of self, with what is the most personally nourishing to your beautiful growth and blossoming.

It has been an honour to share these practices with you,

With light,



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    1. Good day,
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