Beyond the Clouds

It has been a long time, and also no time, since I wrote the post at the beginning of this momentous planetary spiritual shift, Individual, Communal and Collective Rebirth. For much of this planet that post is still relevant, should one wish to remember what was described regarding division.

Today it is my intention to communicate what comes as possibilities through divine free will and individual choice, and of the Light that I have been astrally following, step by quiet step through the portal this world has been rocketing through. 

Before sharing: 

I ask for the protection of God/dess in all that is communicated today, I ask that those who will be uplifted by such messages, remember their own capacity to grow and change and lead in their own unique way.  I ask for protection for those navigating on a different trajectory; may they be safe and guided by the light beings and their greater soul group, as is most healing on their own individual journeys.  May all of us, on whatever pathway we have chosen or continue to choose, feel protected and encouraged by Light.

Thank you divine source, for your shields of light and thank you beautiful earth for so patiently watching us all grow, Amen, OM and Aho.

In the courses I taught entitled: Tools for Compassionate Being, I spoke about the 6th sense and the capacity for humans to ‘receive’ in many ways; to see, or hear, or feel or know in a heightened intuitive way how our connection and wisdom from Divine Source and Higher Self has manifested. As mine most comfortably manifests as clairvoyance, I share what I have been seeing at this time.

When I ‘look’ at the world around me I continue to watch the debris of karmic inheritance, past life energies, and current world climate like a maelstrom of swirls that traverse the planet.  When light permeates this massive cloud of collective release, I ‘see’ individuals sitting during moments of stillness and peace like beacons of light for the area, city, country or hemisphere that they reside within. Thank you to each of you who do so, frequently, or once, or will do so in the future. The waves of energy are very intense and dense.  They flow over and through those that are permeable, like a jellyfish in water.  When this happens the individual Soul has a choice before them, sometimes this is a subconscious choice, other times conscious. The choice branches in three ways; to gather one stream of the energy from the collective and become a vocal point for the intense stream, to reject the streams entirely, or to transmute the energy into something ‘else’.  None of these choices are ‘wrong,’ indeed many choices and polarities are in existence at this time for the strength of energetic charge they are able to maintain when in opposition, collaboration, alchemical process, simultaneously.  Each aspect, each stream of the collective, are all learning and growth opportunities for the individual making an energetic impetus into a concrete physical experience through the power of voice/choice/grace of the divine. For many, this intense thick debris, can feel overwhelming, confusing, or like it is creating imbalance.  For some it will feel as if it is the reason they have been incarnated, to feel such intensity and find their own personal voice.  For others yet it will be an experience that is observed and not shared.  All perceptions are real and valid to the individual in the midst of the energy shift.

As someone who vividly remembers several ages of man(woman) across this planet and has experienced many shifts in consciousness, I offer these tools humbly and with love, should some of those reading this, also seek to connect in a similar way to my own.  

1) When I wake in the morning, and when I sleep at night I affirm my choices in each day.  During this present shift my focus has been:

“I choose PEACE, I choose Love, I Choose Light.”

Each decision throughout the day runs through that filter of choice.  Have I spoken, written, acted and prayed with that intention in the forefront of my being?

2) In meditation I visualize the world and those that I love encased in a soft pink globe of light.  Divine Source sends unconditional love and helps to lighten blocks/debris at the heart chakra in this colour.  A rose quarts can also be carried in the pocket, placed in the bath, worn near the heart or offered to a loved one as a gift.

3) I send this prayer when I feel a particularly powerful stream/cloud or hurricane of energy that does not resonate with my own individual Soul agreement during this incarnation:

“I ask that Divine Source be present in this moment, to help me breathe and release all that which is not mine to carry, navigate or transform. I thank the universal consciousness for having the power to be offering us all, such a potent, intensified awareness of spirit and feeling and potential growth. I ask that in this place of personal stillness, I am able to Love more deeply all those who are struggling at this time.  May the weary find rest and sustenance with their ancestors and spirit guides, may the hate filled be Loved, and may those being called into leadership, remember the choices before us each and every day to create, connect, shield and radiate on all levels with the Grace of God/dess are a reflection of ones own Soul growth at this time, and to hold sacred space for those whose learning is different. Amen OM and Aho.”

4) When prayers and intentions and thoughts have had their balanced attention and space throughout the day, I hug the ones I love, and marvel at the beauty of nature. For we have a spirit, a body, a heart and a mind and each of them brings gifts for awareness and incarnated experience.

Further beyond the images that were communicated above, I see different streams that move in alternate ways.  As a collective, we will continue to make individual choices that effect the movement forward of evolving human experience.  I see pathways that lead to many eventualities. Each of us will continue forward, in our own unique ways.

For whatever pathways we choose, may we be present and conscious of the impact of the choices, and may we each clearly identify what level of being is connected to the Peace we are all capable of fostering within ourselves.

With deep respect for all of the brothers and sisters with our diversity of paths across and through and beyond this wondrous planet, as we continue to grow, as best as we are able, each and every lifetime, thank you for being.

With Light,


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