Individual, Communal and Collective Rebirth

For many years I have practiced a cycle of intentional time and space, in spring, that honours rhythms of regeneration and rebirth.  The cycle begins with a break from socializing, a slow easing of connecting in person, then over the phone or online with others.  This relaxation of connection is a drawing inwards, a gathering of personal energy during which time I seek to understand what I have birthed in the previous year or completed as multi year cycles. I focus then on what I wish to actively and passionately plant and grow over the coming year, or shift in future life cycle. By drawing my energy inwards I realize the power of personal vibration as it connects with focus to nature, to dreams, to healthful relationships and to empowered being.  This year I practised this same intentional personal retreat alongside a world that is also being gently or forcefully encouraged to have entered retreat of self, society and through world unfolding.

In my humble perspective, energetically I have been ‘viewing’ an image for some time that is like a tunnel, or vortex of intensified energy beams, in the shape of a tunnel with a funnel like opening on each  ‘end.’  On one side was the earth and her people beginning a rebirthing process.  In the centre as we are now, the energy is confining, and close, like tightly woven energy chords, a wrapped blanket around ones whole body, a narrow tunnel of energy matrix .  Inside this ‘space’ great heat generates, the energy intensifies, and begins to burn through karmic debris; emotional and mental patterns and physical presence for identifying ways in which we honour or do not honour our actual bodies and the earth as a universal body that has so patiently housed us all. During the intensity, fresh air, and nature are extremely important.  Some individuals will be able to open windows and others to spend hours in the forest.  Every fresh breath that is taken with an intention for clarity and clearing multiple levels of being, offers the amplified resonance of being in this ‘energy tunnel’ as if the earth and her people are passing crystalline streams of energy that activate core resonance of all that are experiencing incarnated life at this time. Core resonance being the unique vibrational tone of individual’s souls, for example, a core resonance of peace or of protection, or of Love. In this energy field it is natural to have emotional release, to have mental epiphany, to be bold and brave and simultaneously confront or be present through fears or anxieties.  Our human existence is being offered a very vivid and intensified spiritually amplified  vibration.   *For those that are gestating babies, they are super charged little soul leaders and will have incredible gifts and potential to connect with one another as mass consciousness in the coming era. 

During this intensity people may find they are seeking to develop further tools to navigate then many feelings, experiences, and shedding of previous patterns that are occurring individually and communally.  For myself, the power of spoken word brings personal balance, and so I offer the following as a tool should it resonate for others at this time:

A Prayer/Mantra/Affirmation/Intention for personal balance and expanded perspective:

“Dear Divine Source, God/dess of Creation, Thank you for your light that illuminates all I am ready to release, and all that I am ready gather and grow into new being.  Thank you for helping me trust that the resiliency of life and human spirit is mirrored by all living beings and that we each are powerful and able to choose to act with compassion and grace as individuals and as a whole.  Please send the archangels and ascended masters that are of greatest service to each individual, and myself, at this pivotal time in human and world evolution, to infuse our spirit bodies with awareness for potential, Grace and clarity.  May we see the light in one another and as the souls that have completed their life cycles transition back into energy, may they encourage us all who remain to fulfill our Soul Path with equal or deeper mass determination and strength.  Thank you for helping us all to sleep and rest when we need to, to integrate the massive changes occurring on each level of being, and thank you for energizing us all on our individual evolution for manifesting the future of highest potential and Good on this planet.  Amen Om and Aho.”

As we each navigate this shift and amplification, we may find that the people or societies we once were a part of, are transforming beyond some recognition.  And yet, as we stay present, grounded in our bodies, and committed to elevating our own vibration as well as encouraging one another through rebirth, we are asked by Divine Source to do so with compassion on a grander scale than ever before.  When we feel challenged by our own unfolding, may we find compassion and gentleness and patience.  When we are challenged by individuals who’s core resonance manifests in intense ways completely opposite to our own, may we accept that through the opposing forces of love or grief, hate or joy, life and death we are made more intensely aware of that which we are grateful for.  And when world leaders do their best with the tools that the world has offered or grown as a collective, may we send them ingenuity, support, compassion and encouragement as individuals and through collective consciousness.  It is within us all to contribute into that which we wish to create as a whole in reflection for the compassionate strength we have fostered within ourselves. 

As the ‘tunnel’ of energy continues in a narrow fashion, and yet we feel the opening as it draws nearer, slightly widening in June and massive shifts in September, we may find population readjusting to mirror the shifts individuals have gone through.  Many people may shift in some of these ways; to make their new homes in small towns, an awareness of connection to growing food, and sustaining life with natural medicinals, smaller class sizes for educating children with a focus on developing resiliency, problems solving and mental health may grow as society identifies new priorities after a massive rebirthing of self, community and collective consciousness.  During such times again, may we be compassionate, patient and articulate for a place of personal balance in a collaborative and strong fashion.  We are all leaders in some way, and we can promote and encourage the growth of leadership in our future generations that carry the powerful lessons of collective rebirth and compassion into the future.

May we enter and emerge individually and collectively from this rebirth cycle that is on a World scale with deeper wells of compassion. 

Thank you each for the ways your Light has intensified, cleared and recharged and continues to grow drawing us all, ever forward.

With light and respect,


Further Reading for energetic gentle support:

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