Personal Hibernation; the Dream Cycle

December has always felt for me, like a re-entry into the womb of my spiritual self.  I feel myself becoming more internal, like a bear that has entered the cave and is bedding down for the hibernation dreaming months.  The past experiences of the previous year begin to settle in my consciousness, like the dirt on the floor and walls of my bear cave.  As I begin to dream for my future year, for the world as I wish to re-enter it in the spring, and the gifts I hope to bring forth, I can feel how this release of the past year, the settling of etheric experience becomes the rich soil that the new dreams draw sustenance from.  This month, I wish to share one of the internal practices I utilize for a more empowered dream cycle.

Using a pen and paper, write down a list of all that has been accomplished this last year.  Not only the times that a goal was achieved, but also when a challenge was survived.  It is not only the experiences that we celebrated, but the deepening of our compassionate selves, that grew in moments of grief that deserve recognition.  Take time with the writing.  Go back, and add the moments of shame, or guilt, or absolute joy.  When the list feels complete, take a moment to breathe deeply and really integrate, what this list means for oneself in terms of personal growth. Did the experience make the heart feel more open?  Did it add a new level of compassion to share?  Was there a deepening of strength, when something was survived or endured? Were the moments those of faith realized?  Each thing that was noted, has deepened the human experience.  I like to say out loud, or think a prayer during this integration such as:

“Dear God/dess, help me to accept and assimilate the different aspects of ‘self’ this last year has helped polish, reveal, and grow.  Help me to see the value in each experience and to feel compassion towards myself in the learning.  I ask that all Archangels aligned with my life purpose at this time, bring me clear messages and understanding, for the ways in which these new aspects of ‘me’ can be brought forward as gifts for my personal future, and the world at large.  Please guide me towards the time and sacred space that I need to fully integrate these lessons, so that my new dreams have greater space to be planted in my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being. Thank you, Amen, Om, and Aho.”

If there is another practice that surfaces in the consciousness, such as a walk by moonlight for further contemplation, or an art board to bring forward the previous years growth into a collage with the approaching years dreams, then allow the art to unfold.  Before the solstice, when the light begins to return, we are each given the seasonal integrative opportunity to delve into the ‘darker’ aspects, the dream rich self, and to bring forth the fertile energy of soul-soil.

May your soil be rich, and filled with dreams,

with light,


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