Talking to Our Children About the Divine

I have had a number of parents asking me lately to add a blogpost, or another book regarding sharing the themes of ‘Soul Evolution’ with Children. While I look forward to writing another book in the future, I am still recharging my personal power source of self at this time, and so offer this blogpost until the time another book, possibly for children, manifests.

When I look at a child I see bright, fully formed Soul’s. The challenges they are carrying from this life, as well as others, and the gifts they have brought forward. I see them in the same context as adults, except for one key difference. Most children still have their wellspring of Hope and Faith fully accessible. The world brings challenges for people of all ages, yet many children, even those experiencing trauma, are still shining a hopeful light through their beings, out into this world, for the best possible reality of life. Soul Evolution was a manifestation of my current life, synthesizing previous lifetimes worth of experience and knowledge into a gift for others to encourage them along their spiritual, Soul-actualizing journeys. A gift for the inner children they still carry, the ‘Hope’ warriors and warrioress’s for a more Compassionate world. For those that are parents, and wish to communicate the information they have been accessing in Soul Evolution I give you some of the simple tools I use with my own daughter, and tools that were used with me as a child.

1.) Talk about the Divine. You can encourage a child to seek their own set of beliefs in this world by explaining that the world has several ways of expressing reverence and faith. List off different names for God/dess that you are comfortable using, and if the list is short, let the child know that names to the one Source abound, but most importantly, there is a Divine essence to life that you believe in. Children have Truth detectors. Their energy fields extend with bright, pure, optimism, and when we as adults speak with pure intentions, the child will ‘feel’ it. A parent does not need a doctorate in comparative religious studies to explore spiritual dialogue with a child. They simpley must offer their own hopes, fears, and experiences of faith. If your child has a particular curiosity in one direction, seek answers with them. Discuss your emotional responses as well as your mental and spiritual attitude to the different stories, myths, traditions, and practices that are explored. There is never an age limit on these discussions. Children of all ages benefit from the exploratory, vulnerable, and seeking curiosity that their parents can provide. If the children are teenagers or adults, strive forward with courage.

My parents would say to my brothers and I, “It doesn’t matter what name you give your belief in something greater, we simply hope that you find a way to believe.” My parents provided several different ways to explore and experience faith. As a child I was spoken to about Christ, Buddha, the Greek Pantheon, the Medicine Wheel, and Egyptian gods/goddess. If there was a book my parents could find about this, they brought it home. I had a cartoon version, picture Bible, Kahil Gibrans ‘The Prophet’, the Medicine Wheel earth astrology, Joan Grants books on her reincarnated lives as some of my favourites.

2.) If people are conscious that they are the guides and mentors of very ‘awake’ children, provide opportunities for the children to explore their natural gifts. Is there a modality the children have expressed an interest in such as meditation, yoga, prayer, vision quest, coming of age ceremony, energy work through reiki, or energy healing sound therapy, or color therapy? Does the child speak about things other people can’t see such as Angels or Fairies? Or do they reference past lives? As a parent, it is a lifelong goal to have our children confide in us. Even if a child’s perceptions are different from our own, there is a large degree of grace in making them feel safe enough to express their reality. If they comment in a manner that you do not understand fully, tell them you appreciate their sharing with you. Ask them if they can tell you more about it. For example, when I had a clairvoyant experience as a child, my mother always encouraged me to speak about it.

I was able to talk about what I ‘saw’ in a safe environment from both my parents. My parents sought out books of people who had extrasensory awareness or access to the Akashi Records like I did, and encouraged a dialogue. I felt affinity with Edgar Cayce when they shared his books and teachings with me.

3.)Be involved. If your child is curious about meditation, take a meditation class, even one on line or from a book together. If your child is curious about energy work, ask them to tell you daily what colour they are drawn to expressing, wearing, feeling, or sharing with the world at large. Ask them if there is a colour that they associate with people they are interacting with, and if these colours shift. Consider finding a book to share with them that talks about Auras, Chakras, and the healing power of gemstones. If they speak to fairies, find ways to spend time outside together, perhaps as volunteers at a community garden, or if close to nature, together on walks where the natural world is explored with questions about what certain plants, bodies of water, or land features make them think about, feel, or perceive. Spiritually aware children choose parents who offer them gifts for building strength, and often, have untapped gifts themselves. If we are willing as parents to challenge ourselves to grow in new ways, our children are given the tools for courage about growth, expansion, and open-mindedness. Read a book out loud to them. Even if not every word is understood as a child, their ‘spirit is listening’. Also, the best way to learn something is to teach another, if a child hears a chapter of a book like Soul Evolution and the parent is explaining it to them along the way, there is an amazing opportunity for communication, and exploration together. Let the child be a teacher for the parent, and allow that the roles of teacher student are not reliant entirely on age. Wisdom is present in the oldest and the youngest of us all, and in between in so many capacities.

My mother read my the series of books by Lynn Andrews when I was just in elementary school. The series of books was very inspiring to my development as a young women. She also read out passages from whatever book she was reading that inspired here, I heard teachings by Louise Hay, Hyemeyohsts Storm, Robert Bly and several diverse others. As a family we often spent vacation time camping int he backcountry, ares in nature, where I was more open to receiving messages, and feeling the energy reality of the universe. My parents signed me up for courses that were available close to our small town and introduced me to other light workers. I had psychic reading and astrological charts done from when I was 10 years old and upwards. I attended medicine wheels, and was fortunate to be present in sweat ceremonies. I took an energy work workshop when I was twelve that offered tools for boundaries and shielding I still utilize daily.

4.Be honest. It’s okay to have explored different levels of faith, spiritual receptivity, and to still be seeking. It’s okay to have changed our minds, stumbled, fallen, prayed for help, and in our darkest hours, grieved for the Divine we wish we were connecting to, and then, miraculously to find our faith, in renewed force all over again. Telling children about our true experiences gives them the most valuable tool of all. It offers the reassurance that being human is not always easy. Sometimes our incarnations are fraught with severely challenging realities. Sometimes they are blissful, and filled with love. Offer children the opportunity to witness the ways in which we as adults navigate the challenges of life, faith and Spirit, and we empower them to seek a pathway that resonates and empowers themselves. Above all else, when speaking with honesty, speaking of the Love and support we are willing to give them as they navigate their own unique journey, is a incredibly powerful gift we can each offer. My parents have four very different children. We each found our pathway to Spirit in our own unique way.

I hear my parents say often, how proud they are, that each of us keeps seeking, learning, growing, and sharing our unique gifts with the world. I hope to have the grace of offering my daughter the same tools of Faith and Love as her journey develops. I am so proud of her light being one I have the privilege to mentor and learn from on this life path.

May we live to be a part of a world filled with the children whose embrace of Divine Love, changes the shape and future of the world for greater Compassion.

with light,


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  1. What a wonderful post this was to read and so encouraging! It is so difficult to get into such a deep subject with children and I think you hit the nail right on the head. Be accepting and open to all they want to talk about/try/and explore. I feel that my 5 year old nephew is very spirtually awakened. More recently he has been telling his parents that he has an angel visitor in the evening who talks to him. I have read a few articles about Indigo children being attuned to the spirit world but my nephew was scared and uneasy about it even though I tried to explain there were other children out there who experienced the same thing. I found an amazing book that has completely changed his viewpoint called “Do You See What I See?” by author and clairvoyant Katrina-Jane ( The book focuses on a little girl who sees her grandmother who has passed away.The illustrations are beautiful and helpful and the author writes in a way that is easy to understand for children (up to 5 years old) and a great resource for parents too. I feel this is a must read for helping parents explain the afterlife in a very special way. Thanks again!

  2. Kamia thank you for sharing this post, it is much more than I could have imagined. As I raise four children I often wonder how other families raise theirs, especially when their children turn out to be such amazing, kind and lovely people as you and your brothers. I am so thankful for your information shared here, my boys and I were just out searching for fairies in the forest and will continue on!

  3. Hi Kama Mia,

    I do believe this is a very strong post and I enjoyed reading it out loud to Jane very much, as she painted away on her latest picture. You perhaps give your parents more credit than they deserve as a source of inspiration. We were mostly searching ourselves and wanted to share if anyone would listen rather than reacting out of a conscious desire to instill such lovely path of light messages in our children. You did however, seem to understand right from the start.

    Keep it up. You are an awesome young woman and I look forward to watching you and your daughter continue to grow in your connections to the divine love you seek as guidance.


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