Metamorphosis and Light

“Mass consciousness is evolving. Each person, whether on a subconscious or conscious level, is becoming increasingly more sensitive to the ‘sixth sense’ – the spiritual or energetic reality of the Universe. As they do so, healing and grief can occur, and the process, although represented by the Mother Earth herself along with the shifting and re-growth She has been stimulating, can feel overwhelming. By focusing on the internal journey of each of our Spirits and Souls through trusting the small and large messages from the Angels and Guides, the Fairy Kingdom and the Animals are attempting to communicate everyday, we have the potential to be radiant gold Light-filled beings who ignite a network of Light that reaches across the planet and far out into the Cosmos. When we are doing so, it is important to ask for assistance from those whom we trust, not only on the etheric plane, but also from one another in terms of asking for more gentleness, more patience, more encouragement and positive communication.”

with light and respect,


*excerpt from ‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd available for order as an ebook or paper copy.  BUY NOW ‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd



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