FAQ’s of Angel Readings

What is an Angel Reading, or and Angel Card Reading?

An angel reading, is when I ‘tune in’ to the light beings that are an individual’s helpers. As a clairvoyant, and clairaudient person, I perceive images, and sounds that are messages from a person’s helpers. Being an angel therapist practitioner is like being an etheric radio. I can hear the messages and transmit/ communicate them to a person.

Each person on the planet has a team of etheric beings who are with them through out their entire lifetime. At other times in life, a particular light being will intensify their particular infusion of life to bring about changes, healing and trasnformation. The light beings are identified as ancestors, angels, archangels, ascended masters, fairies, spirit helpers and earth spirits.

All are rays of light that resonate and branch out from the central light of creation, many call God/dess, Creator or another culturally familiar name.

Why Should I get an Angel Reading?

People are initially equipped in this life with a balanced ‘wheel’ of self. They have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. When they are babies, the wheel is balanced to allow for a gentle movement forwards in life and growth. As life evolves, circumstances and environment change, some of the elements on the wheel can receive greater focus or attention that others such as a dedication to the mental pursuits of school, a passion for a sport. All expressions that honor one of the bodies, is best balanced with an investment, an honoring of the other elements as well. When the spiritual body is ignored, there is a less balanced ‘wheel of self’. The spiritual body manifests and is linked with the other three bodies. Discomfort, anxiety, injury on any level has a ripple effect through the others. To invest in the re-balancing of the spiritual, and a positive ripple of health through the other layers of the being, an Angel reading allows for messages, light work, and validation of intuition, through an Angel Reader communicating positive messages from an individual’s guides, higher self, and helpers. It is as valuable as getting a tune up and changing the oil in a car, going for a a massage, acupuncture or reflexology treatment, or taking a new and fascinating course of learning with books and seminars.

Investing in a balanced wheel of self through the spiritual is something we as individuals can choose to do daily, but also during transformational times, we can invest with greater opportunity for a transfusion of light.

Are you reading my mind and seeing all the ways I am a ‘bad’ person?

Absolutely not. First of all, through the eyes of our guardian angels, helpers and ascended masters, we are not ‘bad people’. The messages I receive are encouragement for following your soul path, and highest vibration of joy. There are messages about healing, that will correspond to instances or connections that are draining your vitality, confidence and resonance of peace, and the angels will have messages and suggestions for bringing about changes, self healing and self confidence. I have absolutely never looked and listened for a person during a reading and hear ‘bad things’. We all have opportunities for growth, and unique gifts that our etheric support team of fairies, ascended masters and angels are eager to communicate and cheer for us to realize and receive blessings.

Think of me, the Angel Reader, as the microphone for all the love that the universe is transmitting to you every minute, of every day. Readings are love and light based. Their is no space for judgment, and they are entirely confidential.

I’m not sure I have Angels, and helpers, and I don’t understand some of the words that ‘new age’ literature uses, will I get anything out of an Angel Reading?

The beauty of our angels, and helpers, is they are resonant rainbows of light, that are perfectly in tune with us on our own life path. They will be transmitting words and suggestions, language and light in a way that best resonates with you! As an Angel Reader I have had ascended masters from different cultures and languages come through and share messages, light and love in a simple, and comprehensive manner. They are so happy that their person has created an opportunity to listen and receive blessings, that they are delighted to clarify, expand and creatively communicate everything that they want to tell you at this time.

Are you listening to my angels and everyone around you all the time?

I believe it is only polite to listen and look when asked to do so. That being said, there are circumstances where someone’s angels have been hollering so loudly, that even with my intention of ‘shielding’ I end up striking up a conversation with someone to pass something on. Most of the time, there are day to day tasks I am preforming as well, childcare, house duties, other jobs and activities. Like a car mechanic, who is getting groceries and walking home, I am aware in my periphery of loud clunking noises in someone’s etheric car, but I am focused on other things. I will open myself when asked to receiving messages, and will ‘tune in’ to the planet at large through the day, but in general, I am also investing in my ‘wheel of self’ and investing in my physical, mental and emotional well being.

I am an intuitive person, why should I get an Angel Reading when I can receive messages myself?

Sometimes we all need reassurance, validation, and encouragement for change, healing, transformation and growth. I have a network of bright spirited people I go to for inspiration, healing facilitation, and personal transformation. We are all connected humans, and light beings. We access light individually as well as universally and cosmically. We reach out to one another to be reminded and re-charged energetically. Our joint vibrations are made clearer and cleaner as we inspire and help one another. If you are receiving and feeling energized, than perhaps now is not a time for an Angel Reading, perhaps it is a time to be sharing your gifts and celebrating how you ignite passion in the world.

There are times however, when we all can benefit from an infusion, a reminder, a celebration of our gifts with another person communicating messages from our helpers. I have benefited personally throughout my entire life from interactions and investments with light workers, psychics, reiki practitioners, fellow angel therapist practitioners, card readers, intuitive healers, and medicine people.

We can all be artists, and still love and recieve blessings from one another’s art.

Do you like your job?

I am absolutely delighted and overjoyed to get to share angel messages with anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for reading my blog, liking my facebook page, watching the youtube videos, and when it ‘feels right’ booking an Angel Reading with me!

Please let me know the creative ways you are expressing your highest vibration of joy, so that I can cheer and participate in your spiritually based, and love based career path!


with light, and a special prayer from the angels:

“You are a light being. Connected to others, yet still a unique rainbow hue that we celebrate! We are the vibrant rays of light, that are often called the Archangels and Ascended Masters and we are always available for assistance and love. Simpley think of us or wear our color, and we will be with you!”

Archangel Michael, strong blues

Archangel Raphael, greens and golds

Saint Therese, roses

Archangel Jophiel, pink hues

Mother Mary, soft blues, hearts

Buddha, honey gold and burgundy

Shiva, get out in the mountains! or post a photo of them

Archangel Gabriel, lilies and music

White Buffalo Calf Woman, sweetgrass, walking with bare feet on the grass

Archangel Ariel, golds and trees

Fairy Kingdom, plant a new seed, fresh flowers, pinecones

Connecting to your guides that have passed over, a lavender satchel for a gentle sleep and gentle messages through dreams

Archangel Chamuel, soft silvery blues and chanting/affirmations centred on PEACE


OM, Aho, Amen and Thanks,

with love,


*to book a Angel Reading please visit the Certified Angel Card Readings ™ page.

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*to harness personal power and love based self healing visit ‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd


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