Our Hearts Are …

Our Hearts Are The Hearts Of The Planet

We are all capable of manifesting a future for the planet that is based on sustainability, protection and kindness to the animals, plants and our fellow human beings. We contribute to it every day by making choices on the physical plane such as what companies we support, where we buy food, and what jobs we are willing to take. On a spiritual level however, each intentional thought, each dream we have for a future that is based upon more love, helps to shield the earth from greed, and fear, and to promote Love, kindness and compassion. Imagine that the earth is within a globe of light, and that the light is radiant and pure, like a fresh spring of water. As you sip from this water, or as you connect with the light, your etheric body begins to vibrate at a similar level. You reflect this purity, and your cells cleanse themselves to match the purity of the water you have sipped. On a grander scale, if we were all attuning to a more powerful vibration of Love, countries in their entirety, and the world at large to follow, then part of that process will be allowing the wave of grief to pass and make space for the Love that is following.

Perhaps the words or images, or sounds each individual will use to communicate a ‘prayer for a bright future’ will vary. Languages, joyous dance, all may vary, yet the essence of Love is universal, and each individual is capable and valuable in communicating and manifesting more Love.

from Soul Evolution by Kamia Shepherd (Buy Now ‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd)


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