Kaleidoscope of Light

The world is changing, as she always does.  The energy shifting at the present time is so powerful that even those people who are new to exploring or recognizing a dialogue of energetic realities are seeking out their own unique ways of spiritual expression.

When I ‘look’ at the earth at this time I see tides of light and color moving across and around her, a giant swirl of energy, breaking through the solidified patterns of the past and creating space for greater growth and expansion.  Obviously, this clearing creates opportunities for fear based energies to expand as well, but with focused intentions for a higher vibration and love based future by each of us on an individual level, we have the power to transform and decide the direction each of our countries, governments and our shared planet.

This is the ultimate time to embrace the flow of light and transformation sweeping past each of our individual lives.  As flooding moved across different areas of the planet, and in a similar fashion as a flood of people took to the streets to protest different political agendas or social injustices, we become linked to this tide of light.  Bringing a daily prayer into our routines that honors this impetus for change, and refocuses our intention for our highest good as well as that of the planet is like adding another star to the sky.  We all are extremely receptive to igniting our own spark when those around us are doing the same.

The following is a prayer, that can be said to whatever higher power/source you are most inspired by at this time:

“I invoke the love and light of my highest consciousness, with the aid and assistance of Godd/dess, my guardian Angels and the Archangel Jophiel who sees the beauty in all living beings, to align my true self with its Soul Path, so that I may be an advocate of healing, peace and change for the most benevolent outcome on the planet at this time.  I ask for assistance and love to be shared with those individuals that are struggling most, so that their own sense of self worth and worthiness is filled with divine compassion.  May love and protection from lower energies be with me, and those that I care about, as well as those that I struggle with the most, every step of the day.”

In praying for those that we do not agree with, we open up a pathway of light to their higher selves, and their highest chakras.  In so doing, we are paving the way for change.  Although praying for those that are wrecking havoc on the planet can be very challenging, it is also one way that the fear and anger we carry is absolutely removed from our own auric fields, allowing us to shine brighter and inspire further transformation.

Claim a moment throughout your day, and create a sacred space for these prayers, noticing the immediate changes to your emotional, mental, spiritual and ultimately, physical body, after saying them. If you find yourself suddenly wanting to change clothing to brighter colors or cleanse a piece to jewry you have been wearing regularly in salt water, this is a normal manifestation of your physical reality wanting to to ‘catch up’ so to speak with the changes that have occurred in your auric field.

To maintain this sense of relief and wellness, consider adding a piece of silk to your wardrobe for the day.  Silk helps to wipe clean the energy it interacts with, and a light scarf can either be worn or simply kept in a bag to run ones hands over to ‘clear’ energy throughout the day.  If you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of mental confusion, consider wearing the silk scarf on your head for an hour at home.

Remember that praying for the planet, the collective unconscious, those we love, and ourselves as individuals, does make a difference.  I assure you that a prayer is like a beacon of light, shooting upwards and outwards in the etheric plane, and whether from a stranger or someone we know, the light when it touches us all, is ‘felt’ and deeply appreciated.

With light,


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Positive feedback, powerful messages for change and divine love are eager to be brought to your attention.Image

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  1. A good post Kama-Mia. I think it is right on line with the better stuff being written on this time. On Sat, 17 Aug 2013 16:08:44 +0000, Compassion wrote: > WordPress.com > > kamishep posted: “The world is changing, as she always does. The > energy shifting at the present time is so powerful that even those people > who are new to exploring or recognizing a dialogue of energetic realities > are seeking out their own unique ways of spiritual expressi” > >

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