The Silence of Being

Silent Morning
Silent Morning

Today I have no voice.  No physical voice that is.  The universe and I have been circling my laptop, and now, with a few liters of lemon tea beside me, I can smile ruefully and acknowledge that my keyboard felt neglected, my spiritual expression in the last week has been lacking, and all points considered, a sore throat is a small price to pay when it affords an observance of ‘Silence’ for 24hours.

I have heard the sound of the wind in the leaves of trees, the buzzing of bees and the gentleness my daughter imparts to her dolls as she gives them voices and enacts her version of the world at large through their adventures.  I have spent two hours meditating, and re-written a list of ‘priorities’ for my life.  In the hustle and bustle of daily life, I find it easy to let some of the most important focuses in a balanced life, slide to the wayside, such as gratitude for one’s health, the continued health of those we love, and creating space for the Sacred and the Soul.

A vow of silence is an opportunity to reconnect with all of the words, thoughts and feelings that we experience internally, sometimes subconsciously.  All of these feelings and words spin in a whirlwind, waiting to be given a voice.  Perhaps they are dreams or desires for learning and growth that do not need a ‘voice’ so much as an internal acknowledgment followed by a physical world action.  A desire to return to artwork, can be a loud scream internally, that will turn to a shriek of glee when the first tube of paint is  opened or a box of clay is ordered.  Perhaps there is a desire to begin to support a cause one has long believed in, but never found the time or space to become involved in.  A poster board that proclaims freedom for others, an end to violence, or a preservation of nature.  All of the words within our spirits that are fueled by a desire for a more loving planet, these to can be ‘loud’ internally, and waiting impatiently to enter the physical plane through action.

In the Silence of Being, the voices of our Angels are welcomed, and heard.  In the quiet times, all of the images, the passions, the desire for change that begin to bubble to the surface, are also messages, support and loving guidance from one’s Angels.  Every person is capable of connecting with and hearing their angels.  The positive thoughts we have about ourselves, the ‘you can do it!” those are the messages from your angels that are waiting to stream through.  Take a moment or a day, for a commitment to self and silence, and allow the ‘true’ voice of your being to return to a place of balance.  What you want to talk about when you are finished that vow, will often amaze you.

One of my favorite quotes I heard laying silently in savasana in a yoga class, “In the Silence of your Being, there the Dance is.”  The yoga teacher spoke it in a soft voice and I return to it, on days like today, wondering how it has been so long since the last time I really honored my own internal ecstatic dance of being. My dance is one of Divine Love.

I find I want to remind all the people I interact with, or think of today, that I love them.  If each word is a struggle to speak past a raw throat, then I want the words to really mean something.

It was an honor to share life force and thought at this time with you,

may your day be filled with blessings,


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