Even the Clouds like Hearts on Valentines Day

Valentines day has always been my favorite day of the year.  It’s a combination of a day dedicated to heart shaped decor, and my unabashed desire to tell people I love and appreciate them.  Single, attached, or married, this day dawns with a special rose filled ambience that has me seeing flashes of the divine feminine; Mary holding roses at her breasts, Kuan Yin rising from a lotus, Lakshmi showering people’s upturned faces in gold, Spider Woman weaving a web of light to enfold us all, and Aphrodite surrounded by pearls of wisdom, the sea foam eternally cleansing the old energy away so that there can be greater space for LoveImage.

No matter who you are, or what your circumstance, there is a horde of angels raining soft colors of light about you every single day. You may not trust that they are there, but I assure you, they are!  Every minute of every day, they are whispering, and sometimes shouting, “Hey!! You are loved!!”

Whether you are a Valentines skeptic, or a giant fan, such as myself, today is about seeing the beauty and worthiness of love within you, and if you so choose, the sharing of that love with the world at large.

Be bold, be spiritually beautiful! Smell the flowers that abound on this day, and definitely eat a box of your favorite chocolates. I’ll be doing all of those things, and shouting out energetically, that there is Divine Love around, and for you all!

*for further inspiration on embracing Divine Love visit: ‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd (Buy Now)


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