Joy and Forgiving the Self

Many long years ago, I had a past partner tell me that the reason he loved me was because I was so good at forgiving. I was very surprised by this comment  yet over the years his words inspired me to consider all angles of forgiveness.  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Ultimately, the forgiveness I have found to be the greatest of teachers, has been the ‘Forgiveness of Self’. This I can speak of with confidence, for it has only been while forgiving the self that I have witnessed the greatest transformations in both my own, and other peoples lives.

In friendships, working relationships, money choices, romantic partners, and other human interactions, it is amazing the level of grief people will carry around between their shoulder blades, and at their heart center, for all of their perceived ‘faults’ and mistakes.  Sadly, the self flagellation of ‘should have known better’ causes a rift in ones auric and emotional body that takes much longer to heal than physical injury.

If a person takes a chance on loving another in some capacity, or trusting an employer or friend, and a few years or months or days into it, is betrayed or disappointed, the most damage to their energy field that the scenario inflicts is from their own beliefs that they ‘should have known better.’ Perhaps they will acknowledge an instinctive, or intuitive voice that whispered to them to try something else.  Acknowledging this voice is excellent, imagining an internal hug from ones angels and guides and a promise to try and perceive the same kinds of messages in the future, is also a testament to growth.  Most importantly, however, above both of the other realizations, is taking a moment to envision the painful scenario, and surrounding the self with soft pink light; a shield so to speak of angelic assistance, or dark blue, if the situation continues to make one feel unsafe, at which point calling on Archangel Michael for protection is important.  This soft light begins the healing of self, and ultimately the release of all energetic attachments, chords, and lines that block the Self from growing.  A positive affirmation such as “I forgive myself, I acknowledge my growth and healing from this situation/scenario, I ask for the angels, universal consciousness and my own helpers and guides to help me release all lower vibrations related to this scenario, so that I may move with greater Love upon my own unique soul path.”

At this time, remember to breathe deeply and allow for at least fifteen minutes of rest to harmonize the healing on each level of your awareness.

Forgiveness of the self for perceived wrongs will create more space in the self and being for happiness and wholeness.  Life is fraught with lessons that in retrospect we may ‘think’ we could have avoided. Yet the knowledge we gained is what allows us to ‘think’ that way at all.  Moving along a path devoted to growth and expansion, it is important to love all aspects of the Self, even the ones from younger less experienced versions.

When I forgive myself, I have a larger heart-light to shine towards others, to encourage them along their own soul paths, to feel grateful for the lessons we learned together, and hope that they ultimately find joy. Some days, these prayers and feelings are easier than others, yet I can feel my guides laughing beside me, and they say assuringly, ‘After all, you are human.  Take a moment to lighten your mood and laugh, and forgive yourself your perceived imperfections, perhaps in this soul path you have chosen, they are, and will continue to be, your greatest teachers.”


With Love and blessings,


for further reading on the power of forgiveness and self transformation visit (Buy Now) Soul Evolution by Kamia Shepherd


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