Let your Light be Supported While It Shines!

Sometimes people can feel ‘stuck’ in the place or situation that they are presently in.  This can manifest as a town or city one calls home, a relationship such as a friendship, or a job.

Here is a message from the angels: You are the divine creator of your Destiny and Wellbeing!

Most people, when they are sitting quietly somewhere they consider a ‘sacred space’ are completely aware of the steps their angels are urging them to take, that would effect and change the present reality they are unhappy with.  This can be a message about getting a part-time job to bring in extra abundance that would allow them to save for a much needed vacation to a place on the planet they feel as a power spot for ‘recharing’ their vital energy.  Or as a message about creating healthier boundaries or ending a friendship with someone who is more comfortable recieving than giving or vice versa. When we are honest with ourselves, about what needs to occur to make more space for joy and fulfilment, the answers we ‘receive’ add to that sense of peace, hope and safety.  The messages we give ourselves about ‘can’t, won’t shouldn’t’, are often just our ego talking.

Your personal angels want you to experience this earth-plane with delight, comfort and love!  Your guides, higher self and inner light are attracted and inspired each time you honour one of your own intuitive messages regarding better health and life choices.  Celebrate yourself and go to that power spot, take a different job, form a new friendship, and honour your body with sleep, healthful eating and positive messages.  You deserve it!

‘Soul Evolution’ by Kamia Shepherd (Buy Now)


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